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Motor Trend Garage

Motor Trend Garage

Customized. Handsome. Superior.

Motor Trend Garage is setting the standard in garage storage with our three distinct lines of garage cabinets. Enjoy a complete and integrated offering from everything to garage cabinets, to customized flooring and wall organization.  Every garage storage system is tailored to your current needs and because the system is fully customizable, it is completely adjustable to your future needs. Each of our three garage cabinet lines is designed to meet your budget and style requirements, all constructed from the highest quality material. 

Motor Trend Garage is also an all-inclusive product line so there is no need to contact multiple vendors and work with numerous contractors. We handle the entire project from start to finish. Your designer will not only create designs for you they will also act as your project manager throughout the entire process.


  • Motor Trend Garage is all-inclusive, eliminating the need to work with multiple companies and contractors.
  • Our three cabinet lines are customizable to your space and budget
  • Keep seasonal items close at hand and eliminate the cost of off-site storage
  • Increase your home’s selling point by adding extra living and storage space
  • Eliminate the need for a rented off site storage unit

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