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6 Qualities Of A Perfect Home

The perfect home is a place of intimacy and warmth where one can feel the beauty of relationships. It is a place with which one’s memories are associated – from childhood to last days of life. These are relationships, love, affection, and devotedness that turn any brick-made apartment into a beautiful place called home. Home is the place where one can seek shelter under the loyal shadow of flesh and blood from the outrageous fortunes and difficult times.

In the modern days when technology has advanced, the satisfaction level of persons with their homes depends on the providence of most fundamental necessities which are the crux of modern day luxury. Today, homes are bought keeping in mind different facilities like whether it has a home office, electrical and telephone outlets and the high-speed data line and much more. It is always kept in mind that the home should have as low maintenance as possible because maintenance requires time and time is money. Keeping in mind the requirements of modern day society, here is a list of six qualities, and your home can be called perfect if it has all these.

Single Level House & Little Family

In recent days single level houses are gaining importance because of multiple reasons. Firstly and primarily they are low priced and very easy to care for. Each and everything remains within reach and a person doesn’t have to run upstairs and downstairs because of divided household utensils and other useable items which are divided and placed on two levels of the house. The other most important thing is the maintenance of the house which can be done very easily if the house has an only single level. While doing maintenance, single level house saves a lot of time, everything can be done quickly. Also if you have a central cooling system it is very easy to regulate the temperature within the house and you don’t have to think about upstairs and downstairs. If you have a little family a single level house is perfect for you because of reasons just stated.


Large Family & Double Level House

Although single-level houses are easy to handle, double-level houses also have their own unique characteristics. If you have a big family with lots of children who keep running all around the house and keep making noises then it is understandable that your house feels like hell especially if you are a solitary worker or like some silence. In the same way despite having a large family you cannot afford a house that is big in an area with a multiplicity of rooms and enough space for you and other house members to be comfortable in their own desired circles or decided places of the house. In this case, you can consider buying a house with two levels. Half of the family members can be shifted upstairs with their privacy kept intact while at the same time children and other jolly members of the family can still retain a specific part of the house with the continuation of their pleasure-seeking activities. In these cases, a double level house serves the function best – although it is a little difficult to maintain it you won’t face any more problems other than sparing some extra time for maintenance once or twice in a year.

A white couch with yellow pillows on an enclosed porch

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are an integral part of any beautiful house. These spaces can be used for many purposes in winter you can sit there in the warm heat of the sun and enjoy your drink or coffee. In the same way during summer, you can make your evenings more charming by sitting on an outdoor lawn and enjoying the wind breezing and sunset. Apart from these personal pleasures and satisfactions, there are also other things that can be done on outdoor lawns like a summer party or a barbeque gathering. If you have invited your friends for dinner it can best be served by placing a table on the outdoor lawn and enjoying the beauty of an open-air dinner. You can play different games on your outdoor lawns and if you have a pet it can be the best place for him to play and rest. Apart from these pleasurable activities spending some time on outdoor lawns is also a very healthy activity and many doctors consider it worth doing. It reduces your stress level and cortisol – a hormone that makes you feel tired. Commercially, homes with outdoor lawns are much more valuable. There are many such rental houses available and they can have as distinctive specifications as desired, it can all be explored on Groupon.

An open three-car garage

Low Maintenance Exterior

It is the exterior of the house that is visible to most outdoor persons, also someone entering your house sees first the exterior of your house, and as it is famously said; the first impression is the last impression. Due to these factors, most people spend too much money on the exteriors of houses on an annual or biannual basis but are utterly disappointed by the weather conditions of their area. There are other people who are so obsessed with the beauty of the exterior of their houses that they spend their weekends painting or repairing the walls. In these situations, your rest is almost completely sacrificed by your desire to keep your perfect home beautiful. But this is not eternal damnation; all this can be avoided. Two things are worthy of considering in these cases which are low-priced as well as durable. These two things are vinyl siding and fiber cement.


Great Storage

It is always desired that a house should store as many things as possible without being looked as messy. This requires designing a custom wall unit, so you can be sure that there’s enough space to store and display everyday items.

Most people, before buying any house, demand that it should have as maximum storage capacity as possible. It is not a false demand; if a house doesn’t have maximum storage capacity it is going to look like a store room, all of it, and it is possible that a few people may confuse it with an old bookshop.

Ergonomic Touches in Your Perfect Home

Maintaining the inside beauty of your house is also important if you are accustomed to inviting lots of friends and relatives. The interior design of your perfect home not only makes it beautiful but also reveals your personality type; it reflects your taste as well as your likes and dislikes. Therefore, a much-sophisticated person may enter your house and it is possible that he will assume much about you. In the same way, some ergonomic touches also increase the beauty of your house. For example, wide doors which prove to be beneficial for the movement of different household things, levers instead of doorknobs, and rocker electricity switches – which are very easy to turn off and on with your elbow or knuckle especially if you are carrying something in both of your hands.

All these things contribute to making your house much more beautiful and much more livable. But these are not scientific standards that cannot be changed. Of course, you can have as distinctive specifications as you want because distinctiveness is something that attracts people.

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Guest Blog written by Kyle Ward

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