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5 Things You Can Do To Create More Jewelry Storage

Contrary to other elements of your closet and wardrobe, jewelry storage can be notoriously difficult to figure out, simply because the pieces are too tiny and clunky to keep in small spaces. Necklaces are an even bigger hassle because of their tendency to get tangled, even though you swore you kept them separated.

Some jewelry storage options like decorative boxes can get expensive very quickly and can take up valuable space. The ideal way to go about organizing your jewelry is utilizing what you already have. In fact, take the extra step and make it look pretty as well. How do you do both? We’ll walk you through the necessary steps to create the perfect system for your precious rings, bangles, and necklaces.

Use your closet cabinet doors

A jewelry rack with storage shelves inside and hooks on the inside of the door

The cabinet doors in your closet offer valuable vertical storage space if utilized correctly. Incorporating cork, peg boards or a few hooks with velvet inserts (as seen above) behind the door allows you to hang a wide array of necklaces and expandable bracelets in any orientation you want. Best of all, each piece of jewelry is clearly separated and can be viewed at a glance.

Repurpose other elements

Two different types of jewelry hook: two-pronged and five-pronged

Belt and tie racks are great for organizing those aspects of your wardrobe, but what if you end up with a few leftover hooks? Hang pieces of your jewelry collection that have a tendency to get tangled like long necklaces, belly chains and pendents.

Buy a plastic shoe organizer

Plastic shoe organizers are great for small jewelry pieces like earrings and bracelets. Each pocket can serve as a nesting cradle for each piece. For more creativity, you can even label each pocket to your liking (Example: Girls Night Out Bracelet). Framing one can make it look like it was already integrated with your space.

Keep them safe in a drawer

A jewelry drawer with organizing dividers

This method doesn’t give you a view of your jewelry storage all the time, but it does give you a safe and neat way of protecting your valuables. Drawers can be lined with organizers and dividers to make sure no earring or bracelet falls out of place. It’s also nice to open your drawer and have shiny glimmering jewelry staring at you.

Make them accessible with pull-out inserts

Pull-out jewelry hanging makes great use of small spaces

Pull-out inserts create the most jewelry storage in the least amount of space. They can be added to an existing cabinet or open shelf to give you all the benefits of a jewelry drawer without having to make any cosmetic changes to the current layout of your space.

Use clear trays for remaining jewelry storage

Select your favorite pieces of jewelry and display them with clear plastic trays that can be placed anywhere you like. They’ll add some color to the room, but be warned that having too many of these can leave your space feeling messy.






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