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How to Organize Sports Equipment for the Whole Family


When attempting to organize sports equipment, many people try to cram everything into their mudroom, but this is a mistake. By restricting your mudroom only to items you use on a daily basis, like backpacks and coats, you’ll keep the space clear for heavy foot traffic. Here’s how you can organize sports equipment for the whole family without sacrificing valuable space.



Most golfers are satisfied with keeping their bag in a corner or utility closet. Not only does this take up floor space, you risk the bag tipping over, spilling and damaging your valuable clubs. Instead of propping your bag up against the wall or leaving it freestanding on it’s own, add a Racor shelf by your back door. It can hold his and her’s golf bags, with enough space leftover for a pair of cleats.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think baseball? Probably the bat! Pegboards are a space-saving way to hang up all of your bats and keep them from rolling around in the back of your car, or ending up on the floor of your garage. Since today’s bats can be costly (a good one can run $300 or more), you want to make sure you protect your investment and get as much life out of your bats as possible.


A second-story room with a window bench

Drawers under a window seat are perfect for loose equipment like tennis balls and sweatbands. Personalize the space by adding each player’s name or picture on the outside of the drawer.


A corner workbench in a garage

Football equipment is bulky, but even worse – it can smell! Keep football equipment like helmets and shoulder pads away from areas of high traffic, like the garage, and if you can plug in an air freshener nearby, do it! Custom built-in cabinets are ideal since the doors also help keep the smell at bay.

Before making your decision, check to see if the area is dry. Places like the laundry room tend to build up a lot of moisture, which can lead to your football equipment getting moldy.



Keeping two color-coded hampers in your laundry room help your kids get in the habit of taking their dirty uniforms off as soon as they walk in the door. No need to track that dirt and sweat throughout the rest of the house.


Ball claws that attach to a slatwall hold your basketballs in place, preventing them from deflating. The garage is the most common area for a slatwall, since it can also be used to organize tools and larger items like bikes and kayaks. However, slatwalls are a versatile accessory, and can be incorporated throughout the house, from a home office to a craft room. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


A lacrosse stick and ball

Maximize that empty space behind a closet door with a rack that can hold your lacrosse sticks. You can also use shoe cubbies to organize items like lacrosse balls. Because cubbies keep everything visible and accessible, you won’t have to rummage through the depths of your closet in a rush to get ready for practice.



Organize hockey equipment with baskets and wire racks. This way, you can take the insoles out of your skates after each game or practice and let them dry out completely. Removing the insoles helps get all the moisture out and will improve the life space of your skates. Keep a few extra pair of clean socks on a hand in a basket, so it’s easy to toss them into a hockey bag.



Cheerleading may require the least amount of equipment, and so uniforms can be hung in your child’s closet. Create a ‘drop zone’ drawer for things like face paint, jewelry and bows so that relevant accessories all stay together.


Swimming goggles and suit hanging on a wall

The best place to store swimmer’s gear is in the laundry room, which gives you space for drying as well as access for early-morning practices. Add wall hooks for wet swimsuits, towels, and goggles.


Roof storage for the garage: Attach it to the ceiling and add storage space

Look up! Vertical space often goes to waste. Start by assigning several rows of hooks in the garage, basement, attic – wherever there’s an abundance of available wall space – for miscellaneous sporting equipment. Then, designate a duffel bag for each member of the family and for each of their sports, too.

Hang up bags that are in-season, and keep out-of-season bags up high and out of the way on a shelf that’s attached to the ceiling. When seasons change, simply swap out each family member’s bag for the next sport!

Organize Sports Equipment to Reduce Stress

When you have an organized space that’s just for sports, it not only helps your home stay clean, but it reduces stress when you’re running around trying to get three different people ready for three different sports!

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