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Make Your Pantry Cabinets Feel Twice As Big With These Tricks

Do you feel like your pantry cabinets are a jungle and impossible to navigate through because of how overwhelming everything feels?

A pantry should never have to feel that way. If anything, a pantry should feel like an open organized space with easy access to all of your snacks, spices, and beverages. If your pantry exemplifies the jungle mentioned above, then it’s time to give your pantry a makeover. Utilizing the following tips will make your pantry look, and feel, bigger than it currently is.

Using clear containers throughout

A clear container can work wonders for you in two ways. First, clear containers can hold a large amount of a single item, eliminating the need for other bags and containers to be hogging precious space in your pantry cabinets. I mean, why have five bags of chips when you can hold those same five bags of chips in one space-saving container?

Second of all, clear containers are see-through (obviously) so they can give the illusion of empty space. This is even more apparent when multiple clear containers are lined up adjacent to each other.

Using slim bins on shelves

If you aren’t convinced by general clear containers, slim bins will let you see the transformation even better. Slim bins are tall, skinny containers that have more front to back space instead of left to right, meaning that you can pack more dry foods onto a shelf. Plus, similarly to other clear containers, lining these bad boys up makes any pantry look more orderly and organized than trying to create a setup with the original bags of food.

Using Lazy Susans in the corners

In pantry cabinets, it’s almost always the case that the corners have been overlooked and under-utilized. One corner can possibly store an entire two feet’s worth of food items by using a Lazy Susan. Not only will a Lazy Susan put use to that empty corner space, but it will also help you never lose track of an item ever again.

Using shoe organizers on the back of pantry cabinets

Your door is considered storage space as well, specifically vertical storage space. Why waste precious shelf space storing spice containers when they can put away using shoe organizers for doors? Each pocket of the shoe organizer is perfect for a bottle of Parmesan or two.

  • Rely on an existing pantry design, or mix-and-match elements to create your own unique system of organization. Find out more.

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