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Garage Flooring

blue, white, and gray garage floor tiles

Race-Deck Interlocking Garage Flooring Tiles

Many people are very frustrated with the mess in their garage. There are bins with holiday decorations, an old workbench with tools strewn everywhere, sports equipment, boxes and more mess. It is enough to make some people scream. That is where Closet Factory comes in.

When I am working with a client in the garage, we talk about the goal of what they want. The most common comment I hear is, “I want to hide everything in cabinets. I want it to look neat.” Those words are music to my ears. I work closely with each client asking questions along the way so that the design of the space is exactly what they want.

installers putting flooring down

Installation of the flooring on top of the concrete.

When the garage cabinets go in and all of the client’s stuff is organized behind closed doors, the garage looks fantastic! There is just one problem. The plain cement garage floor is not that attractive. It tends to seem out of place in comparison to the cabinets. The biggest trend in garages now is to redo the flooring as well. This rounds out the project and makes the entire space look like a show room.

Closet Factory has a fabulous option of Race-deck interlocking flooring tiles. They come in a variety of colors and can be designed in any pattern. Our Installers can lay the floor of a two car garage in half a day and start installing the cabinets in the same afternoon. To begin the Installers lay tiles following the pattern that was designed to insure they will be spaced properly. It is like putting together a huge puzzle.

The exterior portion of the garage floor, jointed with the brick driveway

Driveway flooring into the transitioning diamond garage flooring.

Next they work methodically to connect the tiles together across the floor of the garage. The key is spacing it properly so it looks balanced. Once the Installers are sure everything will work, they make the installation look easy as they lock the tiles together.The important point to having the floor look spectacular is how the flooring meets the edge of the garage. This is the most important line because that is what you will see when you open the garage door as you drive in your car. It must look straight against the driveway.

Finished garage flooring after cabinet installation

Finished garage flooring after cabinet installation.

Next the Installers trim the edges of the flooring that meet the walls so that they have a flush fit even when the walls are not straight. This will remove all gaps and for a professional custom floor.

The flooring is strong and durable and designed to have cars drive on it. It is very easy to clean and compliments new garage cabinets. It takes our Installers half a day to install the flooring of a two car garage. Imagine using your garage door opener to showcase your garage that looks as good as a design showroom.

Closet Factory offers an unlimited amount of garage storage and garage organization design solutions for you. Visit our Garage page and download our free Garage Organization Guide!

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