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Easy Organizing Tips For Men, Their Wardrobes & That Cluttered Closet Space

When it comes to closet space, it’s important to view a man’s closet as a whole different animal compared to a woman’s.

While it’s true that men and women share similarities in certain items they store in their closets, they can be organized in totally different ways, based on how frequently a certain piece of clothing is worn as well as a person’s clothing preferences.

That’s why men have their own unique ways of storing and organizing their clothing, and these methods seamlessly complement their daily lifestyles. Here are some essential organizing tips for men’s closets.

Hanging Pants From Light To Dark


Since men don’t have to worry about wearing any other kind of bottoms other than pants, all they really have to focus on is organizing by color.

Generally, men like to go for pants that either match or completely contrast what they wear on top. That’s why it’s good practice for men to organize their pants in order of light to dark. This allows men to immediately visualize and grab the pair of pants that he wants to wear, without any fumbling to find the right color.

Storing Shoes On Angled Shelves


Just like pants, men look for matching or contrasting shoes to go with their outfit for the day. Most men store their shoes on a flat shelf or near the front door of their home, but this can be an incredible time waster, especially when you’re trying to figure out which pair of shoes to wear and you’re already running late.

Placing shoes on shelves that are slightly angled downwards and makes your shoes look like they’re on a premium display. Most importantly, you can see your shoes at a glance, making them easy to find.

Incorporating A Hamper Inside Your Closet Space

Pull-out hampers for easy laundry disposal

Men typically don’t have time to fold and launder their own clothes, as they’re out and about all the time. It can put less stress on men if they don’t have to worry about sorting their clothes for wash.

Integrating a laundry hamper directly inside their closet space allows men to simply remove their dirty clothing and separate it from their clean clothing.

Adequate Hanging Space


For the men who frequently go on important business trips, button-down shirts and sport coats are a must. These clothing items are particularly delicate and need to be handled with care.

The best way to store these items is by hanging them, but they need to hung so that they can hang down without any limitations. Make sure your vertical space is at least 42 inches for the best results.

Folding Clothing Properly

A woman folds a blue shirt

The most common question that everyone asks is how to fold their clothes. The following guidelines might not be true for everyone, but they are the most commonly accepted ways to fold certain articles of clothing, and this especially true for men’s clothing:


These items need room to extend so the fabric doesn’t get damaged.

Collared shirts




These items get easily damaged and stretched out when hung due to their delicate material.

Heavy sweaters



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