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The 6-Step Challenge to Organize Your Closet – Part 2

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Our six-step challenge is designed to help you organize that closet you’ve been wanting to clean for the longest time, and get on the path to permanent organization. If you missed our part 1, you can get started with steps 1 and 2 here.

Depending on your schedule, the challenge can either be executed in six steps or six weeks.

Now that you’ve gotten the clutter out of your life, it’s time to move ahead in the organization process. Here are steps three and four, which are guaranteed to help you to determine just how much closet storage space you have, and then guides you in deciding on a permanent storage solution.


Step 3 – Assess Your Closet Storage Space

Now that you’ve gotten rid of everything you are not keeping, it’s time to completely empty your closet, so you can see how much space you have for the things you’re keeping. Take everything out of your closet and group like items together so you can see how many things you have in each group. Here comes the big question – do you have enough space for everything?

The answer should be yes, and the next step is to make sure you have the right size and types of storage available for everything. How do you want to organize your clothing? By color, by season or by type of clothing? It’s best to use the same kind of quality hangers to achieve a uniform look and insure each piece of clothing is properly hung. How are you going to store your shoes? Professional organizers recommend getting them off the floor and into sturdy shoe storage options such as a shoe rack, bag or shoe shelves. How will you organize your jewelry? Jewelry is something that must be organized or you run the risk of either loosing pieces or damaging it. Are you going to hang your jewelry in a storage bag, on hooks or in a lined jewelry tray? Once you make these decisions, it’s time to go get the proper storage tools.

Now, you can put everything back in the closet knowing the next time you empty it, it will be the last time.


Step 4 – Finding a Permanent Closet Storage Solution

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t have the proper storage solution, it’s time to consider your alternatives. You can get a DIY closet kit available in retail stores, which can provide some organizational structure to a closet. But, if you want a more permanent solution, it’s best to get meet with a custom closet expert who can show you all your options.

Closet Factory, for example, offers a no-obligation design consultation in which one of their professional designers will come to your home, assess your closet storage space for you, and collaborate with you to create a closet design that best maximizes your space.

Ultimately, the trick to never having to go through this process again is to find an organizational system that works for you, and one that you will stick to. After all, if it’s not a process that works for your lifestyle, over time, your closet will just wind up disorganized again.



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During the consultation, you and the designer will discuss goals, wish list, and project budget, with the aim of designing a closet organization system that will:

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