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closed oakland wall bed in loft


Getting the most out of a loft starts with the addition of a Murphy bed or wall bed.  The cabinetry that surrounds the wall bed cabinet dictates the use and adds storage capacity. Adding built-in media units, bookshelves, desk or writing area, and closet space are common additions that make the most of a floor plan. Most lofts are compact, so a well-considered concept will ensure space is optimized and features maximized.


One of the main benefits of installing a wall bed in a loft is that floor space that is free up when the bed is folded up into the cabinet.  Since most lofts are multipurpose the ability to hide the bed and transform the one-room living quarters into a workspace is a key benefit offered by the addition of the wall bed.


Traditional beds do not leave room for additional furnishings in most lofts. To be able to create enough space so that sitting areas with armchairs and sofas, dining tables, and other cozy features can comfortably be added it’s necessary to use wall space for built-ins and the bed.

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