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Best Storage and Organization For Neckties

For men, business casual is often the workplace dress code for many professionals that once wore a suit with a tie to the office. While a tie may not be part of a daily attire, they do still have a place in a professional wardrobe.

Ties are one of the most popular accessories included in most men’s wardrobes, and as far as storage goes, neckties are incredibly versatile in how and wherein the closet, you can store them. Here are five different storage ideas for a small to large collection.

jackets on hangers with tie drapped over

1. On a Jacket

If you are someone who likes to coordinate your ties to match perfectly with your suit jackets, hang them on the shoulder of the suit jacket you plan to wear it with. Not only does this add a haberdashery element to a man’s closet, but the functionality of this design is easy to achieve and second to none. When you pick your suit for the day, there isn’t any guesswork in which one you will be wearing. The only pitfall of this idea is that if you have an extensive collection, this method isn’t practical. You will most likely have to go in a different direction, store multiple ties with a single jacket, or do a combination of these methods.

tie rack

2. On a Rack

For those who want to organize all ties together in one place, putting them on a rack is something you should consider. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions ranging from inexpensive to extravagant to obtain this method of storage and lots of different styles too. You can use a dedicated rack for ties pretty much anywhere. Racks can be mounted on doors, walls, or within the closet system.

When it comes to organization and storage, a dedicated tie rack is as easy as it gets. For something a little fancier, consider adding a tie-rack that slides in your closet or mounts on the rod. While this will take a bit of planning and some extra work, once installed, this system can be a real convenience.

drawer with tie cubbies

3. In a Drawer

If you have a closet organization system that includes drawers or a spare shallow dresser drawer, ties are a great item to put in them. There are a couple of different ways to keep them organized in a drawer. The first is merely laying them flat across your drawer. Make sure you don’t stack them on top of each other as you want every tie to be visible so you can choose the right one and prevent some from being buried in the bottom of a pile.

Another option to storing ties in a drawer is to buy drawer dividers that organize neckties in cubbies or sections designed explicitly for drawers. For this method, you will have to roll each tie to fit in the drawer. While it sounds like that might wrinkle or crease them by the time you want to wear them, as long as you roll them properly, which is extremely easy, you shouldn’t run into any problems. As far as aesthetic appeal, there are dozens of different materials used for the dividers, like wood or plexiglass, you can buy to create the look you want.

box organized ties

4. In a Box

If you have extra storage space on your shelves, storing them in small boxes is a good alternative if storing them in a drawer isn’t an option. You can either roll them or lay them flat in the box. Just make sure that you take the time to put them in neatly every time you use one.

cubbie wall of ties

5. In a Cubby

Displaying your ties in a cubby is for someone who wants to make a statement with their tie collection. It would be much simpler to choose any of the other ideas listed since cubbies can require someone handy or a professional to get this system setup. Cubbies can also take up some space, but on the positive side, they create an attractive display well fitted to an exclusive collection. If you go in this direction, you are going to be sacrificing practicality for décor. With that said, every time you look at your cubby filled with ties, you are going to smile.

Regardless of which option you choose, the most important thing to remember is to select a method that is easy to set up and maintain. You’ll want a system that takes little or no work putting each tie back in its place. Ties can be one of the easiest items to overlook when creating organized space in your drawers or closet for your entire wardrobe.

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