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How To Use Vintage Tech As Home Décor


Many young people these days don’t know what it’s like to take a photo with actual film or listen to a record, and that’s okay. That’s what technology essentially is, always changing and never-ending. Sadly, this does mean that a lot of older, vintage technology ends up gathering dust as we shop for the latest, shiniest gadgets.

However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. Those old cameras and record players are now often utilized as décor for homes. Vintage décor, in particular, is warmer, palpable, and can seamlessly blend in with modern/mid-century modern aesthetics. A nice little benefit of this is that they can evoke memories of our parents’ generation, the lives they lived, and our roots.

If this strikes your fancy, we’ve compiled a few ideas for incorporating the technology of yesterday into, let’s say, a wall unit, bookshelf, or a cabinet in your own home.


The ubiquitous record player is perfect for those who have a fondness for yesterday’s technology, but prefer today’s aesthetics. Record players look great on top of black melamine surfaces such as an entertainment center or an office bookshelf.

Vintage cameras

While we’ve been preoccupied with deciding between a Valencia and Hudson filter for our Instagram photos, old film-eating cameras have never gone away and continue to retain that lovable retro appeal. These treasures can be found in all sorts of places including flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales. You can even score one on eBay for a dollar if you play your cards right. Pair these cameras up with a photo frame on a shelf to add that feeling of authenticity.

Amps and receivers

These pieces of analog era equipment can be integrated into a sophisticated setting and make it feel somehow contemporary. For instance, a listening corner equipped with a leather sofa and wooden wall unit/bookshelf can radiate an aura that just screams “audiophile.”

Carbon-filament light bulbs

Thomas Edison’s 1879 invention, more specifically the carbon-filament light bulb, emits a warm light as opposed to the bright lights of traditional bulbs. Add some around your house for an ambient mood that makes your home feel homely.

In with the old

Remember, the key here is to take something old and repurpose it for the modern era. Many of these older pieces of technology won’t serve a purpose — it’s highly unlikely the rotary phone is going to be easier or more fun to use than your smartphone. Turntables and old receivers, however, can still be of great use. For items like that, seek to maximize not only its visual appeal, but take advantage of the actual services they offer. Throw on a record!

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