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The Ultimate Chill Cave

Everyone needs a place in their home where it’s all about them. Whether your interests are sports, gaming, socializing, hobbying, or anything else in the world, a Chill Cave is the perfect room to make everything about you without getting in the way of a cohabitation partner.

Picking The Room

Virtually any existing room can be transformed into a Chill Cave. Most people will choose to convert a garage or basement, but upper floor rooms like unused bedrooms, offices, or sitting rooms can all be transformed into a space purpose built to be your sanctuary. The size of your room, existing storage space, windows, attached bathrooms, and other features are all something to consider when deciding which room to transform. Keep in mind that if you are cohabitating you should keep in mind the movements and behaviors of the other people in your house. If you want isolation, consider if the door to your future Chill Cave is in a high traffic area. If you need or want to be accessible to your spouse or kids, you’ll want to choose an entryway that’s more psychologically accessible (located in a central area or otherwise obvious).

TVs and Entertainment Centers

A melamine entertainment center in a medium dark woodSo what goes into your room? A TV is a natural first place to start, especially if you’re planning on building a room for video games, sports, or movies. If you choose to begin with a television, the best next step is an entertainment center. Find the wall you want to host your television – best options are ones where the sun won’t shine through the window to cause glare, and if you choose to hang it, pick a wall that doesn’t get jostled frequently: namely, away from doors. Your entertainment center should have space to properly store any additional equipment you need, like a cable box, gaming systems, and decorative items that you want displayed.

Your entertainment center can be a standard unit, but a custom entertainment center will match the feeling of your Chill Cave and your needs far better than a big-box one you have to build yourself. No matter what your needs or wants are, a custom unit will create the ideal display for your ephemera, tokens, and collectibles while effectively hiding what you need hidden.


What will your centerpiece be? It doesn’t need to be the television, should you include one. If you have a collectors item like movie posters, a billiards table, a game cabinet, or a project you’re particularly proud of, that can be the center of your room. Or if your space is designed to be social, then the centerpiece should be something that encourages conversation: A game table, a comfortable seating arrangement, a bar, etc.


Speaking of seating, you should find seating that will make your Chill Cave as comfortable as possible. If you’re making a miniature bar, stools and tall chairs are a great choice and will allow socialization and easy mobility. If you’re creating a home cinema, comfortable armchairs are a great choice. No matter what seating you choose, you should choose what you like, not what you think is trendy or would make your spouse happy.

Hobby Space

If you are a hobbyist, you’ll need hobby space! Whether your passion is model trains, quilting, or your car, you’ll need a special area to engage with it. If you want your Chill Cave to be about your hobby, you’ll need to pick your space accordingly. You’ll obviously need garage space if you want to spend time on your car, but if your hobby is something smaller scale, like quilting, knitting, painting, or model working, you’ll need more than just open floor space.A hobby space in white melamine with dark countertops

A custom hobby space can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself. Outlining the perfect workbench, complete with easy access to every tool and material you’ll need, and importantly designed to your body, will make hobbying so much easier and more enjoyable. Larger people may find themselves hunched or crammed in prebuilt hobby benches, while smaller people might not be able to reach everything they need with ease. That’s why having a custom built hobby space is so important to making your Chill Cave complete for the hobbyist.


Remember, this is YOUR space. This attitude should pervade every decision you make in your Chill Cave, but when it comes to decorating, there are no practicality considerations. Let your imagination run wild! Posters, quilts, photo frames, even cardboard cutouts of your favorite movie characters or a unique sculpture can find a place in your Chill Cave.

Custom Building

Before you get too stuck into designing your perfect Chill Cave, set up an appointment with one of our expert designers! Our free, no-obligation design appointments are the first step in creating the favorite room in your home; the one that’s build just for you!