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Stylish Radiator Covers That Blend and Add Functionality

Is this your idea of a stylish radiator cover?

Cats may love radiators, but a majority of home owners and apartment dwellers definitely dislike them. Commonly seen in living spaces in urban cities such as New York, radiators are tough on the eyes, make loud noises at times, and take up valuable living space. What’s particularly bad about them is that they’re also absolutely necessary unless you want to freeze.

That’s right, if your house contains one of these bad boys, you’re pretty much stuck with it. It doesn’t need to be all bad though, as there is a way to remove that eyesore without compromising your heating.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at various stylish radiator covers and how they can be used to conceal the radiator in your humble abode.

Stylish Radiator Covers

One particular radiator cover I found was a type generally known as a generic “plane.” It doesn’t serve any function other than to hide your radiator and provide an area to place some knickknacks or photo frames. However, sometimes simplicity the best way to go and this style adds a minimalistic elegant design to your living space. This particular cover, for example, contrasts a maple wallnut grill with a white/silver base all while covering the radiator.

Here is a design that truly combines form with functionality. Instead of a generic cover, why not turn your radiator area into something useful? This radiator cover doubles as a peg board, perfect for hanging keys, tools, or other handy things you might need.

Another example of how style meshes together with functionality: this radiator is shielded by a cover that doubles as a bench with multiple grills to allow heat and energy to be released efficiently. Even better if your radiator is next to the door or near the kitchen. Your children can come home, sit down, and take off their shoes and hang their coats and backpacks. Mudroom anyone?

Don’t you just love how well these covers do their jobs while blending seamlessly into the rest of the room décor? For instance, this cover “ninjas” in the background while integrating itself as a main component of this white floating bookshelf. No one would guess that there was a radiator!

Last but not least, we have one that will make you wonder “How on earth…?” This all-wood design looks like a tree root slithered into the room, injected its DNA into the cold, rusty metal of the radiator itself, then proceeded to change its compositional makeup entirely. I take back what I said before about the previous cover’s concealing capabilities. This one surpasses it.

Don’t sit back and let your radiator bring down your room’s form and function – there are plenty of stylish radiator coverings out there to get the job done.

Got a radiator cover of your own? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow us on Instagram!

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