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Smart Closet: Create a Closet System that Works

Expert organizers agree that a system is critical to maintain a functional closet, yet very few closets start out with one. So no matter how tidy and organized we are, we often feel like there is something missing. Could our closets look a lot better than they do right now? The answer to that is yes, with a closet system we think is pretty smart.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 12.24.05 PMIn fact, it IS smart! You’ll get to know the five components of a true closet system in a way that’s easy to remember, using the letters in SMART:

S = Solid Foundation. A solid foundation for your closet is quite simply the right amount of hanging rods and shelves necessary to hold your wardrobe. The designers at Closet Factory conduct a thorough inventory of what you want in your closet, then come up with an organizational design that will accommodate everything.

M = Maximizing, or making use of all available space. An efficient closet system can sometimes double the storage capacity simply by turning empty walls into usable space. Additional elements such as drawers, dividers and slatwalls may be included, depending on your needs and target budget.

A = Arrangement. Many studies have shown the positive impact that aesthetics and pleasing arrangements have on mood and even on productivity. You begin and end your day using the closet—in no time, artful arrangement of wardrobe by color, creating zones and grouping similar items will become essential (and second nature!) to you.

R = Reachable. The items you use and wear frequently should be within easy reach; the right configuration of hanging rods and shelves will put your hanging clothes, folded items, shoes and accessories in the ideal spots. Higher shelves allow for seasonal storage and infrequently used items.

T = Trimming. Effective and ongoing evaluation of your closet and its contents is part of maintaining a well-organized closet. We provide lots of ideas and tips for getting your wardrobe into optimum condition—you also may want to trim in order to make room for a piece or two from this season’s chic styles!

Once you understand how these five factors transform a passive space into an ultra-functional closet, you are well on your way to a higher degree in wardrobe management.

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