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Why Select Custom Closets Over Wire Shelving?

As the owner of Closet Factory in St. Louis, Custom Closets have become a major part of my life.  It would be hard to imagine not having a custom closet for personal use, and anytime I look at furniture, I get frustrated because it is not custom.  But why do people like wood shelving closet organizational systems?  Wire shelving is much cheaper so you would think that would work well for people.

The truth is wire shelving is adequate but only provides a fixed hanging location and a fixed shelf.  Even the most basic closet organizational system that uses wood shelves provides much more…

Its Adjustable!
Adjustability allows you to take advantage of the space provided in a closet.  Closets are not always that big, so using what space is available is important to most people.  With a closet organizational system, shelves and rods can be adjusted so that there is no wasted space.  By doing this, you can often double the amount of storage provided by a closet with just wire shelves.

Its Solid!  One of the complaints I here very often about wire is that it is not solid.  People like the nice solid surface you get with solid shelves, particularly in a pantry.

Its Organized!
A closet storage system provides the organizational structure for you.  Putting your items in the various compartments results in an organized closet!  It just feels good to walk in and see the closet.  Since you are in it every morning and evening, it is a big part of your life and having it nice and organized gets your day started and ended well..

Its Beautiful!
The difference is dramatic. I have seen women get tears in their eyes when they see their custom closet.  Starting with classic white or using a nice wood grain will provide a  really nice furniture look in your closet.

Can you get by with wire?  Yes.
However, once you have had a custom closet, you will never want to have wire again!

Check out all your options!

By Carl Alsbach – President of Closet Factory in St. Louis, Missouri

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