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How to Properly Store and Clean Your Sweaters

For many of us temperatures may be slightly increasing…but we still need to dress in warm layers via boots, jackets, coats, and my personal favorite, sweaters. With that said, it’s essential to keep the latter in tip-top condition so you can stay cozy this winter — and for seasons to come. The average wool or cotton sweater costs about $50 at your average retailer with cashmere renditions ranging upwards of $250. The wrong wash cycle or care regiment can ruin your investment in one fell swoop. First tip: never hang your sweaters! It will stretch out the shape and cause unwanted lump marks in the shoulder area. Want to hear more? Just read below on some quick on easy tips on taking care of your cozy investments:


Contrary to popular belief, never take your cashmere to a dry cleaner unless you need to get rid of a stain. Instead, wash your items in cold water in a large tub or bin with Woolite or a mild shampoo. Do not wring or twist your sweater, simply squish it together until the soap is completely rinsed out. Lay out your semi-wet sweater onto a towel and roll it up, pressing the excess water through the towel. Re-shape and lay out the sweater to air dry.


Depending on the fragility of its construction, cotton sweaters can be cleaned two ways. If the item at hand is a thicker gauge, you can simply throw it in the washing machine. Make sure to choose the “gentle cycle” option and cold water. Afterwards, re-shape the sweater and lay it out to air-dry. If the item at hand is more fragile, then take extra precaution and hand wash it in cold water and follow the directions above.


Wool sweaters can also be cleaned in a washing machine. Always make sure to wash your sweaters in cold water and under the gentle cycle because heat and agitation causes shrinkage. Wool has a tendency to emit an odor so make sure your sweaters are properly dried before wearing or storing them away for the season.

Proper Storage:

Make sure to dry-clean or wash all of your sweaters before storing them away for the summer. Place the sweaters in garment boxes, like these natural linen and cotton boxes from The Container Store pictured above, and group the sweaters by material.


If lint starts to appear on your sweaters, use a sweater comb or small scissors to gently remove any unwanted fuzzes.

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Written by Chi Diem Chau of

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