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How To Prepare Your Walls For New Custom Closets

Prior to a custom closet installation, you may want to remove your current system yourself in order to paint the walls and make any other repairs needed.  This will ensure that the new closet system is ready for use after it’s completely installed.

Sometimes after a new custom closet is installed there can be some exposed imperfections on the wall. Like what? Well, how about a completely different color paint, old wallpaper, or holes from the old closet system. You wouldn’t want that!  It can become a major eyesore in the space where you just invested in a beautiful closet. You will now have to correct the eyesores on the wall.  If you don’t want to tend to these mini projects after the closet is installed, like painting which could get on the surface of your new closet, or simply don’t want to delay your highly anticipated closet move in…this article is for you.

A great solution is to prepare the walls before the closets are installed. Start by tearing out any current shelving, rods and exposed nails. What’s next? More than likely you will need to spackle any holes, sand and then paint the walls the color you desire before installation.

Here is a great video I found pretty helpful on how to patch, spackle and sand a hole in a wall properly:

I hope you found this video helpful. But, if you are a bit iffy about tearing out your current closet system yourself…have no fear! Closet Factory is happy to offer that service to you before you begin the spackle and paint process.

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By: Nicole L. Tate

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