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Plastic Shoe Storage Boxes: An Alternative to Cardboard

This weekend I finished my shoe storage organization project!  Although I highly recommend and really enjoyed this do-it-yourself project, I understand that not everyone can take the time to complete this. If you like idea of labeling your shoe boxes but don’t have the time to do it yourself try contacting NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and hiring a professional.

Another less expensive but efficient way is to utilize clear plastic shoe boxes. I have been using them for years when a cardboard shoebox is ready for the trash bin. I find plastic shoe storage boxes to be a better alternative to cardboard since they protect your shoes and are longer lasting.  When picking out a plastic shoe box make sure you choose a plastic that is study enough not to collapse when other boxes are stacked on top of them.  It is usually best to go with the same brand of clear plastic shoe storage boxes because they are easily stackable than when mixing brands.

The Container Store has gained my business over the years because of the variety of shoebox sizes they carry and the ability to buy certain sizes in a bulk of 20 at reasonable prices. They also carry different sizes so men’s shoes, boots and high heals are also accommodated.

What I love about plastic shoe boxes is that you can see the shoes at a glance, so if you are stacking high up you can still see which pair is which. I know there are plenty of colored shoe boxes available in the market but I don’t really recommend them since most are not transparent enough to see the pair of shoes inside. Thus if you do not have the time to take pictures of the contents of the colored plastic shoebox then I would just go with the clear.

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