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Organize Your Home Entertainment Center

I am a big movie fan and for me the media room is the heart of the home. This post is about making sure you have the right furniture to house your media and how to keep it nice and organized!

Entertainment centers can offer a wealth of area for keeping your gaming gadgets, movies, and remote controls handy. Depending on how much space you have, the size of your entertainment center can help you stay organized and house decorative items as well. Try and keep small items behind closed doors or drawers. Gaming accessories, plugs, and cables would fall in this category. For movies, and DVD’s, stack them in a book shelf fashion with spines facing out, or use built in organizers inside your entertainment center. For those that don’t have a lot to organize, consider a shorter flat screen console entertainment center. They are less bulky and work well in smaller spaces.

  1. Make sure you have the the right furniture to house your media. There are freestanding televisions and flats screens so be sure you measure the size of your television and if it will be attached to the wall or sitting on the furniture. Your entertainment center must sturdy enough to house your television, DVD/Blue-ray Player, and gaming machines nicely.
  2. Sort media by type. Movies, music, fitness, games, and you can even go a step further by sorting them alphabetically.
  3. Separate DVDs from CD’s and video games, making a pile for each. Make sure each disc is in its proper case. Weed out any you no longer watch or play and make room for new releases. Assign a box or drawer for game controllers and accessories. Sort by genre, style or alphabet and place in right-sized, clearly labeled covered boxes or in the built-in shelving of your entertainment center. Centralize remotes in another covered box or assign a drawer or shelf for them–locating the remote quickly is crucial when your favorite show is on!
  4. stereo can fit so that CD’s can be there
  5. Have a caddy for all your remotes or invest in a universal remote control.
  6. space for DVD, VHS, satellite, gaming machines

Get Your Devices in Order – I highly recommend keeping DVD Players, Game Systems, Cable Boxes, etc. out of your children’s grasp!  We have a neighbor who’s daughter ripped the tray off the DVD player!  That can get expensive.  Our DVD’s, and the above mentioned devices are behind closed cabinet doors.  We even have a couple of screws holding the cabinet with those devices closed.  Whenever we want to change the DVD we  have to pull out the screwdriver!  It has kept our expensive devices in tip top shape though, despite the 2 year old.  We also have our DVD’s behind cabinet doors.

Straighten Cords – Check all the cords to your systems to make sure they are as neat and orderly as possible.  I recommend the tubes that you can put cords in to keep them all together and hidden.

– Sarah Kimmel, The Organized Mom

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By: Nicole L. Tate

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