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Optimize Your Garage Instead of Renting A Storage Unit

Looking for Extra Storage Space?

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If you are considering renting a storage locker or unit to store some of your stuff that won’t fit in your home, we highly recommend optimizing your garage with storage cabinets instead. While storage units can be great for specific instances, most people are much better off figuring out a way to keep everything in their home. We’ll go over all of the major reasons why storage units are usually a bad idea and why your garage is a much better alternative. 

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Storage Unit


It’s expensive

The average cost of a storage unit in the United States is just under $90 a month. That number will change drastically based on where you live, how big of a unit you need, and what special features you want like climate control and insurance. If you live in Los Angeles, you can expect to pay around $247 a month for a 10×10 unit. No matter how you spin it, that’s a lot of money for extra storage. 

It’s inconvenient

The draw of storage units is the convenience of being able to store some of your belongings off-site to help conserve some storage space in your home. With that said, storing them off-site is in itself inconvenient. What if you need something in the storage unit at a moment’s notice? 

A lot of elements are out of your control

When you decide to store your belongings in a storage unit, the fate of those items are in the storage company’s hands. From theft to subpar conditions, you might return to your unit to discover that your belongings aren’t the way you left them. While you can decide to rent a unit that takes extra precautions, you’ll have to pay extra for it.

They enable your bad habits

If you are someone who has a difficult time getting rid of items you don’t need, storage units might encourage you to buy more stuff. Whenever space runs out in your home, you can just store the excess in a storage unit. When storage runs out in the storage unit, you tell yourself that the unit is too small and rent another one. Rather than admitting to yourself that you have a problem, you will find yourself in a terrible cycle of throwing money away to store excess stuff. 


What You Should Do Instead

metal finish on storage cabinets

Optimize your garage’s storage potential with storage cabinets

The garage is the best place to store items that you are planning to store off-site. If you are looking into storing your belongings off-site, your garage is most likely already packed. Rather than look to rent a storage unit, look for ways to maximize space in the garage. The best way to open up storage space in a garage is to add storage cabinets. 

A lot of garages aren’t utilized to their full storage capability because they fail to take advantage of the vertical elements of the garage. Floor space is key to any storage area and this is especially true in a garage where you might be parking your car. Storage cabinets will open up a ton of space by establishing organization and utilizing verticality. A fully optimized garage gives you all of the perks of renting a storage unit without any of the drawbacks.

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