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No More Wire Hangers! They Hurt Your Wardrobe

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase before…

“No wire hangers! No wire hangers ever!”

The line, from the cult classic movie Mommie Dearest, staring Faye Dunaway as the overbearing and slightly psychotic actress Joan Crawford, resonates for many!

Wire hangers have quickly become the bane many closets’ existences. In fact, in the movie, Dunaway’s character goes on a wild rampage upon discovering a wire hanger in her adopted daughter’s closet. She even proceeds to beat her with the hanger!

Ok, so her reaction may have been a bit on the dramatic side, but there’s a good case for ridding your closet of these dated storage devices.

Fabric Distortion

Let’s face it. Wire hangers are flimsy. And sure, your local dry cleaner supplies you with an endless amount of them every time you pick up your laundry so we understand the temptation to keep using them. While they might suffice for the trip home from the cleaner, they aren’t doing your wardrobe any favors.

The thin wiring and edges have a tendency to leave impressions in the shoulders of your favorite Polo shirts and blouses. Not to mention, they don’t hold up well with pants, which end up wrinkling and bunching in the creases where they are hung. And because they are left hanging in your closet, those types of wrinkles are harder to iron out!

You can also probably count the number of times you’ve snagged a delicate garment on the hooked end of a wire hanger. Because that’s what we’re looking for when we go to put on our favorite summer shirts — extra holes!  Not!

A Tangled Web

If you’re like most people, you’re seeking ways to organize your closet and give it a fresh and inviting look. Many people are opting for the look of a minimalist wardrobe or something a little more “boutique.” Regardless of the style, we know that you want a closet that looks good, and here’s a helpful tidbit: those wire hangers aren’t helping matters!

The thinness of a wire hanger isn’t conducive to hanging clothes with a lot of weight, so you’ll probably have many hangers that end up drooping sloppily in your closet.


Drooping clothes aren’t your only concern though, as many of your clothing items may just end up on the floor anyway. Wire hangers are notoriously slippery because there’s little friction to keep your clothes in place. They exist in your closet, hanging, literally, for dear life.

Meanwhile, even though you think you’re saving space because the hangers are so thin, you’ll soon find the wire hooks getting tangled as they begin to cross over each other. The result — your closet looks like a jumbled mess.

Side note: Did you know that most wire hangers have the potential for rust? And rust stains are pretty hard to remedy — actually, nearly impossible!

Listen, we understand that wire hangers often seem like a harmless and relatively cheap solution. But doesn’t your wardrobe deserve better?

Ditch the Wire Hangers

Did you know there are hangers designed for each unique piece of your wardrobe?

There are coat hangers, pants hangers, skirt hangers suit hangers and even children’s hangers. Each style is specifically designed to secure your wardrobe collection the way each item should be stored for preservation. Not to mention they help keep your clothes and your closet organized and tidy!

Think about Mommie Dearest the next time you bring your clothes home from the dry cleaner. What would Joan Crawford do?

Dress your closet accordingly.

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