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A Murphy Bed Adds Extra Room Space and Functionality to Your Home

Decluttering and Organizing Your Home with a Built-In Murphy Bed

In today’s economy, it is pretty hard to find affordable rooms or houses with lots of space. This is why most tenants make the best out of tiny apartments by maximizing the room they are renting. One good way to open up the much-needed space is to install a Murphy bed in your home.

What is a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed was invented around 1900 by a man named William Lawrence Murphy to circumvent the fact that he cannot entertain women in his bedroom due to the moral constraints of the time. It is basically a bed that can be folded and hidden inside a wall to create more space. The mattress is attached through elastic straps to the bed frame to make it easier to either lower or raise as needed.

Around 1989, the term Murphy bed was no longer eligible for trademark protection which is why most wall beds are now using the name quite freely.

Common mistakes that people make when installing a Murphy bed

Because of its usefulness, some people tend to rush into purchasing and installing a Murphy bed. Since a ready-made Murphy bed is available in almost any furniture store, some might think that it will work in their room. What most fail to realize is that every room and every building has its own quirks and interesting layout – unique enough that a standard stock Murphy bed might not work as required.

Another thing that most people get wrong about Murphy beds is that they think they can install it themselves, or have a friend help them affix it on their wall. The truth is, it is not as easy as it looks. Making it a do-it-yourself project can be quite dangerous for a number of reasons: you might pick the wrong wall to install it or make some grievous mistake in the installation itself that may cause the bed to collapse at any given time.

This is why it is always wise to leave these things to an expert. A professional who builds custom-made Murphy beds can take everything into consideration. You would never have to worry about the wrong Murphy bed size nor fret about the poor wall to bed installations.

Small living spaces is not a problem if you are creative enough to maximize the use of all available spaces. A Murphy bed is perfect, not just for saving spaces, but also to make your room more functional.

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