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Why Dark Colors Are The Hottest Trend In Men’s Closets

When men and women share a closet, it’s almost always the case that the woman gets more of the available space, leaving men with a third or less. Normally, most men don’t mind this, but they really should have their own space to organize and put away their things.

After all, men also have a wide variety of accessories and items. Briefcases, backpacks, watches, ties, dress shoes, and belts need their space too. Women aren’t the only ones with a fashion sense, and a man’s confidence and style will greatly benefit from having his own custom storage space.

Recently, men’s closet designs have been surging in response to this, and one particular trend to take note of is the popularity of dark color finishes.

Men seem to love incorporating dark colors in their custom closet designs. Whether it’s a black-stained melamine or a maple wood veneer, men’s closet systems almost never seem to be anything else these days.

Dark colors equal sophisticated confidence

floating shelvings in niche

One explanation for this trend is that many men are becoming increasingly fond of modern/contemporary décor. Dark colors help accentuate system edges and wardrobes while infusing a streamlined look. This is in stark contrast to women, who tend to prefer lighter colors like white melamine and multiple embellishments.

Dark woods also have that rich and sophisticated feel, and it can give men an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and success in the morning that carries on throughout the rest of the day. It’s that “I made it” feeling every morning.

Gotta show off the shoe collection

walk-in closet for men in brown melamine

Lastly, dark colors work well with men’s shoes. Men often own multiple pairs of shoes from neon colored basketball kicks to full black alligator leather dress shoes. In order to display them properly, they can’t clash with the overall décor.

Light colored finishes like white melamine can be an eyesore for men, with both bright and dark shoes overpowering the overall color of the system. Dark colors, on the other hand, facilitate men’s shoes effectively, letting the colors harmoniously match. It also doesn’t hurt that dark colors go well with other primary colors.

Stay tuned for more trends coming soon.

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