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Maximize Your Wardrobe With A Custom Closet Organizer System

Many people have an overflowing closet, filled with clothing they haven’t worn in years. One side effect to closet clutter is many people find items that they completely forgot they owned! All this closet clutter needs to be put under control. Once this clutter is eliminated, you will maximize your closet space!

I recently read an article from STLtoday by their Fashion Editor Debra D. Bass entitled, “Wardrobe Makeovers: What’s in your closet?” She asked her readers to dive into their closets, count the number of items they own and estimate the percentage they wore regularly.

In the end, we found that our participants had an average of 247 clothing items each — give or take a few more things lurking in the laundry hamper or cedar chest. Yet, the overwhelming majority of respondents were somehow unhappy with the clothing they owned or at least the clothing they wore on a daily basis no matter how much or how little they owned…most hovered around 20% to 30 %.

This prompted me to poll our Closet Factory Facebook community and ask the question, “What percentage of your closet do you wear regularly?” The top two answers were 25 percent and 50 percent. This got me thinking; truly the best way to maximize and make use of all the clothing in your wardrobe is to install a custom closet organizer system!

No matter how large or small your closet space is, the ability to see and find all of your items easily will turn you into a person that uses 100 percent of their wardrobe. Check out what this reader said from the STLtoday article:

And then there were readers such as Michele Christian who insisted that they didn’t need to count because she has a system in which she wears 100 percent of her clothes, donates anything not worn in a year and feels quite happy about it.

This reader Michele Christian only confirms that having a custom closet system in place is the best way to utilize her entire wardrobe. The 5 benefits to having an organized closet system:

  1. It’s a time saver!
  2. It gives you more space!
  3. It actually increases the value of your home!
  4. It’s aesthetically pleasing!
  5. It saves you money from making purchases on duplicate items!


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