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It’s Man Caves for Women Time!

“It puts me in a whole new world, where I can relax,” said Kammerer, 51, of Rockledge, Fla., who works for Bridges, a community organization for people with special needs. She goes into the room two or three times a week for an hour, more if she is stressed. “It’s better than a bubble bath.” Scott, Megan K. “Women find a space of their own with man caves for women.” January 11, 2011. USA Today.

We have all heard of the Man Cave trend. But, what is now emerging in home shows is the Man Cave for Women movement! Why should men be the only parent to have a mini sanctuary? It is often assumed that Mom runs the house so one could argue that the whole home is her cave. But, not at all! The time has come for Moms to have a retreat of their own to kick back, light some candles, and relax.

“It’s different from the quintessential ‘man cave,’ where men do manly, messy and sporty things, often involving a recliner. ‘Man Caves for Women are fun, frankly feminine spaces, and they’re personalized.’ Here’s what you need for your Man Cave for Women: a place to sit, storage space, an area to do what you want to do, and room for occasional visitors. ‘Organizing your stuff makes your space feel bigger. I love bookcases — you can hide in plain sight,’ says New York designer Elaine Griffin.” – The Associated Press. “Move over Man Cave: Women are making the ‘Man Cave for Women’ the place to relax at home.” October 26, 2010. New York Daily News.

A Man Cave for Women should be comfortable, full of your favorite items for relaxation such as a plush sitting area and pillows. Some ladies may want to include a treasured hobby like gift-wrapping, reading, drawing or even gardening! Depending on where you choose to create this mommy home sanctuary is completely up to you! Closet Factory has been known for creating excellent hobby craft rooms, custom walk-in (live-in) closets, and now we are rolling out a new line of garages that can be turned into a Man Cave for Women.

A garage, spare room, or large closet can be used as a Man Cave for Women option! Design options can be as diverse as your interests. There can be a design for the athletic mom, including shoe cubbies and custom racks for her sporting goods. Another option can be installing accessories typically used for our craft rooms. Believe it or not many women love our custom gift-wrapping stations and including them in a Man Cave for Women is a great option.  For moms that have a love a gardening Closet Factory has custom racks even for gardening tools!

For more news about the Man Cave For Women trend check out our post: Walk-In Closets – ‘Live In Closets’ or ‘Man Caves for Women’?

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