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How Much Do Closet Factory Custom Closets Cost?

5 Approaches To Pricing Closet Systems

Many people ask us how much one of our custom closet systems costs. We wish the answer were simple and straightforward, but it’s not because each system is unique and custom-designed for the person’s closet, needs, style, and budget. 

The size and type of closet, various features desired, accessories, materials, and style embellishments selected will affect the cost. Coming up with an accurate price requires a meeting, in-home or virtually, with one of our designers to come up with an agreed-upon design for pricing. 

Because we like to approach each project as a collaboration, we discuss if there is a price range to factor into the design process. And even though we discuss your budget, we make suggestions by breaking-out the individual costs of additional items that may enhance the design’s style and usability by providing a range of add-ons that can increase or perhaps even decrease the overall cost. 

Many people are surprised by how economical custom closets can be. When comparing apples to apples, some of the better quality DIY closet systems on the market can be close in pricing. In comparison, our full-service offering includes hands-on with a designer, installation, unlimited material and style options, countless bells and whistles, and a warranty. In the end, you may no longer be selecting apples to apples. Instead, your design may have morphed into apples to oranges, but having a price reference point can be reassuring for many. 

Closet Factory offers complimentary no-pressure design consultations to guide the entire process. Before meeting with the Designer, we recommend giving some thought to what you want to spend ahead of time. It’s important not to overemphasize cost, limiting the range of possible solutions the Designer can offer you.

There are five approaches to arriving at the price of your Closet Factory custom closet:

“Add As You Go” Method

Start your design with hanging and shelves that focus on function and organization. This method will take care of all of the clothes on hangers, folded items you want to store in the closet, and your shoe collection. Custom reach-in closet systems in white melamine without drawers start as low as $750. in comparison, a small walk-in can begin at $1500. 

Once you have the basic layout, decide if you want to add items like drawers, baskets, or laundry hampers. Use the “Add As You Go” method by adding an item to see how it affects the price. Once you are happy with the design and are comfortable with the cost, look at some of the smaller priced accessories that will perfect the project. We have great solutions for belts, ties, jewelry, robes, tall boots, and anything else you want to store in your closet.

You can also change the color from white to something different, increasing the cost and transforming the space’s mood. Top it off with crown or base molding, upgrading the drawer faces, or adding doors to develop a different look. The “Add As You Go” method allows you to stop at any time. If the price gets too much, go back a step or two to make the price lower. This method leaves you totally in control of how much you want to spend.

“Plan Ahead” Method

If you have a dollar amount in mind, set that as your target. It is best if there is a range of an extra few hundred dollars for smaller spaces and perhaps a few thousand for large and possibly glamorous walk-ins. A secondary (maybe less practical approach) is having a maximum amount you want to spend. This budgetary method should represent your comfort level that if you find a design that meets your needs and fits within that parameter, you will get the project done.

Many people think that they need to keep their price range a secret. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It works to your advantage when you work with a Designer from Closet Factory by sharing the price range you are comfortable spending. Since our computer design software figures the price, you can rest assured that there is no “funny business” with our pricing. In fact, it will help your Designer offer suggestions to fill your design with as many essential items as possible while staying within your price guidelines.

“Dream Big” Method

If you have been thinking about getting a custom closet for years or waiting for just the right timing or event to take place, such as moving into a new home, getting a raise, or using your tax return, you are a “Closet Dreamer.” Price is not as important as designing the perfect closet that has been on your mind. You have combed Pinterest, Etsy and cut out pictures from magazines. Maybe a friend got their closet done, and you have “closet envy” patiently waiting for your turn to own one.

You can have fun with design; however, rest assured your Designer will still guide you through a process that lets you know where you are price-wise as you pick colors, add drawers, select moldings and coordinate hardware. Dreams are incredible and even better when you are happy with the price.

“No Plan” Method

Want to be spontaneous and get your closet done? No problem. Have no earthly idea what closets cost? We got you. No time to research on the internet? Closet Factory is the company for you. The more you share with your Designer during your first meeting, the better they can help you. Tell them you have no price target. 

The Designer can start by giving you a ballpark price of what the closet costs or several different price ranges. For example, your Designer could say to you, “Are you comfortable spending $3,000 to $5,000, $7,000 to $9,000 or $12,000 to $15,000?” You can select the right range that works for you. Ballpark prices falling on the higher end factor in more features and more expensive material finishes.

“Stylistic” Method

If you have a picture of a closet from the internet, but it looks like it might remove too much from your wallet, show the image to your Closet Factory Design Consultant. They have a lot of ideas on how to create unique designs. Since we have so many options, colors, moldings, accents and accessories, you can accomplish a lot without breaking the bank. You can also create a very dynamic look by combining different colors and textures to give your closet a unique flair. There are also some cost savings design tricks that we can use to add pops of color throughout the space and give your closet a dramatic flair. 

No matter what method you chose, you have tremendous control over the outcome. The magic to closets is that you control the price. Opt for a simple design in white, and the price will be lower. Get overly creative with a system by adding custom painted decorative doors and drawer fronts, and you’ll spend more. With a free consultation, it is easy to know exactly how much your closet will cost.

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By Kathryn LaBarbera, President Closet Factory Inc



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