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How To Build A ‘Greener’ Closet Using Earth-Friendly Materials

Don’t be green with envy just because your neighbor built a new closet that’s stunningly beautiful, organized, and yes – even Earth-friendly.

Anyone who’s sensitive to certain manmade materials, or who wants to help take care of our planet’s delicate eco-system, can ‘go green’ with a sustainably designed custom closet.

Should-a, Could-a, Wood-a

Recycled wood utilizes pre-existing materials, saving precious vegetation. Recycled options are available for most major species of trees, from Maple to Cherry.

Do You Bamboo?


You can also branch off into bamboo (pun intended). This surprisingly strong plant supports sustainability since it pops right back into existence. Once harvested, bamboo reproduces itself within six months.

Say “No!” To Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a poison, and although it can be found throughout most homes today in the form of furniture, shampoo, and other building materials, it doesn’t have to be in your closet.

Get temple-splitting migraines every time you open your closet doors? It isn’t just because of the clutter and chaos; it’s because your closet is one of the most confined spaces in your home, and therefore harbors the worst ventilation.

If your closet’s shelves, drawers, doors, and panels are imbued with certain chemicals (from the building materials, paint, or finish) those tightly-trapped gasses could be causing more of a headache.

See The Light

LED closet rods emit enough wattage to let you see your wardrobe without burning a black hole in your wallet or the planet’s ozone layer.

Should You DIY Or Hire A Pro?

DIY is great for a lot of things, but you just won’t find green materials at a lot of chain stores, partly because there’s no reason for some companies to offer environmentally-friendly furniture when they can make ten particle board versions for the same price.

If you know what you want, don’t settle for less:

  • See if substrates are manufactured with 100% recycled wood or certified that they’re harvested from sustainable forests.
  • Be on the lookout for added urea formaldahyde.
  • Ask if materials are part of LEED certification Materials and Resources (MR) credits.
  • Make sure you understand the pros and cons of settling for anything less than a top graded melamine.

Closet Factory offers an industry-leading range of products, materials, and accessories, and with our collaborative one-on-one approach to design, we can help you build a greener closet.

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