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Fit More Shoes On Your Shoe Shelf!

Position Shoes Front To Back On Shoe Shelving

Another organizing weekend has gone by and I noticed a little problem when trying to fit my additional shoes on my shelf. There always seemed to be an odd man out! In other words, I would have to either squeeze in one shoe or start a new row of shoes altogether. Some pairs of shoes simply don’t fit nice and symmetrically when lined up heal to heal on shelving. Frustrated, I emailed a couple of my organizing colleges about this issue and believe it or not, both had the same piece of advice for me! It was pretty funny so I wanted to share their advice with you.  I am sure you will have this same problem if you have not already!

“So you’re lining up your fabulous shoes in your neatly organized closet (which took the better part of your weekend but is oh so worth it) when, horror of horrors … you discover that you can only fit 3.5 pairs of shoes on the shelf instead of 4!  What the heck?  This is simply unacceptable!  Have no fear, use this simple secret:  Line up your shoes heel to toe instead of heel to heel to fit more!”

Christy Biberich is Designer with Closet Factory Los Angeles, California.

“When you are storing shoes on a shoe shelf, don’t place the left and right shoe with heels together and toes together. Instead, place the left shoe next to the right shoe so the left shoe’s toe rests against the right shoe’s heel. They take up less space that way, so you will be able to fit in an extra pair of shoes on your shelf.”

MaryJo Monroe is a Professional Organizer with the organization blog reSPACEd.

Hey?!?! Why didn’t I think of that? I was so just fixated on facing my shoes in a forward direction, that it did not even occur to me that by simply placing one shoe the opposite direction, I could fit more! I tried this out and it didn’t compromise the pleasant look of my shoe collection at all. Try this out and let me know if the tip worked for you as well as it did for me!

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