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Feng Shui Tips for Baby’s Room – Create a Sacred Space

It’s spring and babies are on my brain.  When I wrote One Year to an Organized Life with Baby , I wanted to share some wisdom from the Far East.  After all once you go to the trouble of setting up a nursery, why not make it a ‘sacred space?’ For the best advice I went straight to my Feng Shui guy, Ariel Joseph Towne.  Ariel is an old friend and a respected colleague.  We have literally traveled as a team bringing order and ancient wisdom to people across America.  I asked his advice for welcoming your baby through a series of questions. When the Dalai Lama speaks he says if you relate to something he says, take it to heart.  If you don’t, throw it out of the window. I hope you embrace all of this wonderful information but I am leaving the window open a crack for your comfort. (The following is an excerpt from Baby.)

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art and science of placement. It comes to us from the Chinese, but the principles are universal. Feng shui, like gravity, has an impact on us whether we are aware of it or not.

Feng Shui is an inclusive living philosophy that includes all aspects of how we set up a space. It can includes design (everything from paint color and furniture placement to art selection and imagery) It can include function (making sure everything has a proper home and not living amongst clutter) and lastly it can include energetics (the feeling quality of a space.) Ideally Feng Shui is a balance of these three different aspects of spatial design.

Why consider its principles/teachings/tenets when you are putting together baby’s room?

Each of us has an inner guidance system that can tell us if a space feels good to us or otherwise.  Babies, have an instinctive response to whether a space feels safe or stimulating or whether it feels off somehow or restful. Wouldn’t you want to know if your environment was affecting your child in some way that you weren’t intending?

Most Feng Shui principles just make a lot of practical sense to people, and therefore give you more tools to set up a space that will allow your baby to be healthy, happy and supported. Other aspects of feng shui require a bit of a leap of faith, but the intentions behind these other aspects can add beauty, peace and good feelings to a space which, when embraced, can add a new layer of possibilities into your life and those you love.

What are 11 things you would absolutely do even if you know nothing about Feng Shui?

  1.  I would not place the baby’s bed in the path of the door.
  2. I would place the baby’s bed in a corner near two walls so that the baby feels safe.
  3. I would not place a baby’s bed in the path of a mirror.
  4. If I had to have a mirror in the room I would cover it with a curtain or shawl at night.
  5. I would not place the baby’s bed underneath a window.
  6. If I had to have the baby near a window I would check for drafts, lower a screen to act as a “solid wall” and I might hang a crystal in the window or a soft baby mobile up above.
  7. I would not put fluorescent or led lighting near the baby.
  8. I would use full spectrum light bulbs to simulate natural light.
  9. I would not paint colors that are hyper simulating (bright yellows, oranges, pinks and reds)
  10. I would also not paint colors that are too dark and could feel scary, sad or depressing (no blacks, dark purples or dark blues)
  11. I would paint in colors that are soothing and calming (soft pastels, earth palate and natural tones.)

What are 5 additional things you would do for someone who embraces Feng Shui?

  1. I would check for electromagnetic frequencies in the room. Unplug things, don’t have the baby’s room next to the wireless router, or satellite dish.
  2. Counteract the effects of EMF’s with soft edged live plants, Himalayan rock salt lamps or an ionizer.
  3. I would not put the babies bed on the other side of the wall from a toilet, sink, elevator or garbage shoot. Movement, even behind walls can be disruptive to deep rest.
  4. I would not place furniture with sharp edges near where the baby sleeps. Besides being a dangerous thing for all humans, sharp edges create energy that can be disruptive to health over long period of time.
  5. I would not place the baby near wall edges or under overhead beams.

The same principles apply as above; sharp edges create disruptive energy that can affect people over time.

I would consider doing a blessing on the nursery before bringing the baby into the room.

The energy from whatever took place in there before can linger so better to create a clean slate.  You can do this with your good thoughts and loving intentions or you can use natural aromatherapy sprays or dishes of sea salt to absorb old stuck energy from the room. If you feel that something deeper is afoot, I would not hesitate to call in an expert (priest, rabbi, shaman or feng shui expert to perform a blessing.)*

The Puzzle come together…

As you put the finishing touches on this room, something magical is likely to happen.  The reality of what is happening will hit you. I think reality comes in waves for all life changing events like a birth. Come into this room frequently.  Begin to invest it with the hope and love you feel inside you. Talk to your child.  Play music for him.   Carly Simon said when each of her children were born they instantly related to the music she had been writing while she was pregnant.  I have no doubt your child will feel comfortable in this room because you have crafted it with such care for his enjoyment, his safety and his growth. You can reach Ariel directly at

Regina Leeds is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Professional Organizer. To find our ore information, like Closet Factory exclusive home organization download guides.

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