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Expert Closet Design Elevates Penthouse Dressing Room

Custom closet design for penthouse

Closet Factory designers love helping clients create expert closet designs with style, function, and personality. In fact, our whole business model is designed to create customized designs that reflect individual needs and personalities.

Just what are the steps of Closet Factory’s collaborative closet design process?

Closet Factory’s Design Process

Closet Factory is hyper-focused on understanding exactly what your goals are. For example, do you want more hanging space? Do you want shelves to show off your impressive shoe collection? Or do you simply want more organization and beauty? Once our designers understand exactly what you need, they will present some closet organization ideas, and then construct your organizational design.

The project was in the penthouse of a high-rise condo on the Intracoastal Waterway. They completely gutted their entire space, taking down all of the walls and removed all the rooms,” said Angelina Miller, Closet Factory Designer

The three major components to Closet Factory’s expert closet design process involves the following:

  1. Measuring your space: Precise measurements allow us to begin the process of visualizing how we can best create a closet design to ensure that your goals are met.
  2. Taking inventory: Understanding all the items that need to be accommodated in the closet is the only way to make sure that your most important need is met: your “Organizational Need.”
  3. Drafting your organizational plan: With goals, measurements, and inventory in hand, your designer begins the design phase. Together you will lay out the plan for your design, incorporate your inventory, your organizational needs and your personal goals.

Closet Factory’s Angelina Miller Creates Centerpiece Dressing Room

Recently, Angelina Miller, Closet Factory Senior Designer from Fort Lauderdale, applied her design expertise to create a beautiful closet design – ultra-modern, centrally located, and completely unique. The dressing area was a centerpiece component of the client’s complete remodeling project in Fort Lauderdale.

“The project was in the penthouse of a high-rise condo on the Intracoastal Waterway. They completely gutted their entire space, taking down all of the walls and removed all the rooms,” said Angelina. “In addition, they were extensive art collectors, travel extensively, and wanted something very smooth and very contemporary, and somewhere where they could display some of their artwork.”

Specifically, Angelina’s clients wanted a large walk-in dressing room that would be located directly off the master bathroom. They wanted the space to be very open, and a place where they could wash and dry their clothes.  be able to be used to wash and dry their clothes.

“The space was challenging for a couple of reasons. First the floor had to be mudded which created a slope. Designing around a slope can be complicated because nothing will be level unless you adjust for the slope. Then there was a ceiling soffit that created a low ceiling. This can also be complicated,” said Angelina.

A Multi-Purpose Dressing Room

However, once she was able to solve these design challenges, she started creating a unique dressing room that would be a true multi-purpose room.

“I helped them create a place where they could display their art, be a part of their master bathroom, be a place where they could do their laundry, and a place that was a real dressing room,” said Angelina.

Because the house was done in grays, Angelina continued to reinforce that theme with her chosen palette.

“The drawer fronts were done in Egger Anthracite Linen, which has a nice grey texture. Then for the panels and shelves, we chose Fog Gray Melamine,” said Angelina.

Several Shades of Gray 

Angelina continued the beautiful gray theme by framing four tall mirrored doors and six frosted door fronts with brushed aluminum. She also used the brushed aluminum for the fascia of the doors. She chose a low profile, sleek hardware from Richelieu, and then used recessed puck lights with cool white LED lighting. Finally, because the entire penthouse was open, Angelina used open shelving. In addition, Angelina was also charged with creating the bathroom vanity area that used the same materials, but with the addition of white quartz for the countertops.

“The clients were absolutely thrilled when they saw it. Actually, they were traveling when the project was completed, so they didn’t see the finished product until they returned. They texted me that they love their closet! They love having the washer and dryer in their dressing area.

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