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What Every Large Family Needs In Their Laundry Room

Large families with many kids and relatives living together under one roof face unique laundry challenges. These families can find themselves doing over five loads of laundry a week. You’d think there’d be some relief after getting so much cleaning done, but the laundry basket piles up so quickly there’s barely time for rest.

Doing laundry quickly becomes more of a chore than it already is, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s the most dreaded house task for large households. It shouldn’t have to be this way though. To make doing laundry a little more enjoyable, an efficient laundry room layout with ample features and accessories is key. The following are absolute musts for the laundry rooms of large families.

Custom Cabinets


Your work and productivity is hindered when the setting you’re in is in disarray, and this no different for laundry rooms. Design your cabinets as spacious and beautiful as you want them. Incorporate specially designed handles and add some color to them to make the laundry room a calmer place to wash clothes.

Sliding Laundry Baskets


The best part about sliding laundry baskets is that they’re great for items that you need to grab on the fly while you work. They’re perfect for holding towels and washcloths since you’ll be looking for a way to quickly deal with spills in your home. In addition, you’ll find them handy for when you need extra detergent, softener, or dryer sheets.

Tilt-Out Hampers


Hampers are an eyesore and are a pain to carry around the house, especially when one is filled to the brim with clothes. Tilt-out hampers are the perfect solution for you, as they are lightweight nylon bags that can be removed and carried easily. Also, they can be stored behind cabinet faces that become flush with the rest of the room décor.

Foldout Ironing Board


Why bother having an ironing board that’s a pain to set up and move. With a foldout or drawer-mounted ironing board, all you need to do is open your drawer and the ironing board is ready for use right away. Best part is, the ironing board can be rotated to fit the way you work, providing convenience and comfort.

Drying Racks and Rods


When you need to put aside clothes, having dedicated racks and rods in the laundry room will be your savior. They’ll allow you to hang and drip-dry your clothes without compromising space or creating clutter. They’re also great for sorting clothes that will go in different rooms of the house.

Still need more laundry room tips? Check out our free guide titled How To Organize The Laundry Room.

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