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Essential Pantry Items to Keep You Organized and Stress-Free

Outside your refrigerator, your pantry is the go-to stop to get food. However, it quickly loses that title if you have to spend time whether you bought something or where a food item is.

Instead of putting yourself in confusing situations every single time you walk into your food storage area, equip yourself with the right tools so that you have a well-stocked and well-organized pantry all the time.

Clear Bins

There is no excuse to not have see-through bins in a pantry. Clear bins are self- explanatory: they allow you to see your food items at a glance. Whether its pasta or a pile of pinto beans, storing them in something you can see without opening it will prevent the pantry from becoming the Twilight Zone.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a lifesaver for those who own many different kinds of spices.

If you still don’t know what a Lazy Susan is, it’s a rotating tray that keeps bottles and their labels facing front at all times. They’re perfect for utilizing the corner spaces of your pantry instead of letting them go to waste. Lazy Susans are a lifesaver for those who own many different kinds of spices.


Baskets group your food and make it easy to identify. In addition, they allow you to move a group of food items at once for easy organization. If you really want to go the distance, label each and every single one of those bad boys.


Trays function similarly to baskets, except that they are mostly flat, and you can place groups of related items on top of them for other family members to find exactly what they need. For example, if the man in the house needs a PB&J fix, put the bread, the peanut butter, and jam together on the tray. Making chili for the family? Group the beans, spices, and sauces together for an easy take out.

Looking to tackle your pantry clutter even further? Check out our free Tips To Whip Your Pantry Into Shape guide!

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