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How To Design A Home Office Space In Less Than 250 Square Feet

Most families would love to have a dedicated home office space in their homes, but with a lack of available square footage, they might find this task to be a bit challenging. However, if you’re dead set on making an office work in your home and have it be a beautiful one at that, there are a few tips that you need to follow:

Understand that every inch of space must be maximized

home office space

Want to hear some good news? Your home office project is completely doable (or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now). Despite this, it’s going to take a whole lot of creativity on your part. What do we mean by creativity? It means that you’re going to have to find ways to use any and all space that you have. Some examples of space include:


Add-on shelves to desks are perfect for storing important reference materials and those precious family photos that enhance the atmosphere of the room. Without them, there really aren’t many other places to put such items without creating unnecessary clutter.

home office space


Your desk will need drawers and lots of them. Space is a premium, so you’ll need all the help you can get. Use your drawers to neatly arrange office stationery, files with paperwork, as well as extra computer equipment such as mice and keyboards.

home office space


Corners need love, too! Don’t neglect corners of your home office space just because nothing useful seems to fit in there, which is totally not true. After all, you can add some fresh air to the office with something like a snake plant. If productivity is the name of the game, you could also add a small table and place a printer on top of it.

home office space

Know how you work

home office space

We all work differently. Some of us like to sit still at our desks and have everything we need available within arms reach. Others can’t stay still and have to walk around the room and pace to get some creativity juices flowing. Your home office design will be centered around your workflow, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. For example, active workers who can’t sit still will benefit from having a long narrow desk and freed-up center room space for standing up and pacing back and forth.

Add art to your home office space

home office space

You didn’t think we’d forget the beautiful part of the design process, did you? Unfortunately, small home office spaces are limited in terms of decorating, but that’s where art pieces come in. Art pieces, such as gallery paintings, don’t take up much space and can add vibrancy to the serious and professional environment of any office. We recommend art, especially if your home office style is clean and minimalistic.

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