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Closet Organization for Two: Closet Makeover

Do you share a small walk-in closet with someone? Many of us do. Walk-in closets are great for sharing, if they have the right closet organizer design. In fact, Closet Factory designers dramatically increase a closet’s efficiency, by using the space more wisely. Let’s take a look at one makeover that shows how this is done.

A packed closet A walk-in closet with cabinet unit

Using just two long shelves high above standard hanging rods, the couple sharing this small walk-in closet faced a nearly impossible task: maintaining a neat and organized closet without any kind of adequate system. They grew tired of folded jeans cascading down on their heads. “The shelf was so high I literally had to throw my jeans up there,” confesses Laura.

To try and fill in some much-needed storage, a dresser was pulled in. It consumed much of the floor space and was awkward to access underneath the volume of their combined wardrobe. A series of bins, baskets and other storage products provided hit-or-miss solutions that didn’t really match their needs.

First order of business for the designer was to carefully measure the 9-foot by 7-foot space. She conducted an inventory of every piece of clothing and pair of shoes. Was there anything that could move out? The suitcases. Anything that should move in? Laura wanted her necklaces next to her clothes. With all the needs and style preferences in hand, the designer began an organizational design. She made sure that everything fit just right and would be accessible.

Ample shelves behind attractive cabinet doors provide plenty of space for folded jeans, sweaters and shirts. A belt rack on the inside of the cabinet door doubles as a necklace organizer. Below, two narrow drawers with locks store Laura’s fine jewelry. The couple chose a dark finish to match the woodwork in other parts of their home, complemented by brushed nickel hardware. The end result is a closet that looks neat, streamlined and perfectly coordinated.

Whether it’s a large collection of jeans or valuable cashmere sweaters to protect, we all have distinct needs that our closet solutions must meet. The beauty of custom closet organizers from Closet Factory is that there is always a solution to any problem.

Contact your local closet designer and discover the possibilities for your own closet.

(Photos courtesy Midwest Home)

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