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Closet Organization Ideas: How to Put Everything Back in Your Closet

Our clients love getting their new custom closet installed because it helps them create closet organization.
Image of  custom closet before move in
It looks beautiful and clean; so clean, in fact, that they can’t wait to put their clothes away and start their closet organization.

Fortunately there are some easy ways to keep your closet looking like it is right out of a show house even when you put all your clothes back inside. Even better, these closet organization tips should keep your closet looking good well beyond move-in day.

Plan your move-in strategy. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with your new closet system. Consult the organizational design paperwork your designer gave you, which should point out the features of the closet and which items should go in each place. Keep in mind that the hanging rods and shelves are adjustable to suit your needs.

Store like clothes together. All hanging clothes of similar nature should be grouped together. Pants and skirts are better placed on lower rods, while shirts, blouses and jackets fit well on upper rods. This client has a lot of long-sleeved work blouses. Now that they are stored together, she easily sees what she has and what color would fit her outfit for the day.

Image of hanging clothes

Use matching hangers. Buy the same hangers for all of your clothes. Even if you buy plastic hangers, which are really inexpensive, it makes all the difference in the world. This client spent less than $25 on new hangers, yet notice the uniformity they lend to everything.

Group extra hangers. When you take clothing off of a hanger, move all empty hangers to the same area. This could either be on a hanging rod or on a valet rod. When you bring new clothes or freshly laundered clothes into your closet, you know right where to find a hanger and it keeps the hanging rods looking neat.

Face clothes in the same direction. When you put your clothes back into your new closet, face all of your shirts the same way. In this closet, all of the fronts of the shirts and dresses face left. It allows you to see all clothes from the same perspective.

Image of shoe storage

Place folded clothes in organized stacks. No matter how you like to fold your clothes, make each stack of clothes the same size. Place clothes in groups; for example, all sweatshirts in this closet are stacked together on the same shelves. T-shirts are folded together so they can be easily seen and selected.

Store shoes in pairs. Shoes should always be stored together in pairs on shelves. When shoes are kept on the soles, they last longer and are more visible than if they were stored in boxes. Place similar shoes together – heels, wedges, flats, sandals and running shoes should be grouped. When you wear a pair of shoes, there will be an obvious space to place them at the end of the day.

Image of handbag storage

Keep purses within reach. For those women who love their handbags, place them on shelves in the same area of the closet. Typically the best place to put them is above the single hanging rod so they are within reach and easy to see.

Stash extra Items in “the heights.” Most people have miscellaneous items that they store in their closet. This client has boxes of paperwork and old photo albums. Since she does not access them often, they are stored on shelves high in the closet. She knows where they are and can use a step stool to reach them at any time.

Once you have a new closet system, it is easy to organize your clothes and make everything look good so your wardrobe is appealing. Your closet can be the one of the best-looking places in your home.

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