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Closet Backing Or No Backing – That is the Question

I am often asked, “Do I need backing in my closet?” My initial response is, “No, you do not NEED backing, but it is a hugely impactful upgrade!”

Backing saves a lot of time and effort in closet remodels. When the old closet system is removed, the walls are often scarred with holes from nails, unpainted areas, discolored paint and marks. The addition of backing removes the need to repair the walls, nor is there any painting required.

custom closet backing

Click on image for full view. Custom closet made by Closet Factory DC/Baltimore.

Backing is one of the most visibly noticeable upgrades. It can completely change the look of any closet. It adds a rich and custom feel which makes it a much more personalized purchase rather than an off the shelf item.

Clients often ask, “Is it worth the money?” I simply say, “No one EVER regrets an upgrade; the regret is wishing they had added it.” I equate it to buying a car. Does anyone ever asks, “Do I really need a sunroof?” Every time you drive your car and want a more open feeling and fresh air you kick yourself for not upgrading.

I recently designed two closets for a client who picked a dark color melamine and was not sure if adding a dark backing was a good choice. Her concern was that it would make it look like a cave and that she would not be able to see her clothes. We had a conversation about how her closet would look with and without backing. She wanted to have her closets look custom and be something she could be proud of. I suggested using cedar backing to give her that custom look and feel without making it so “cave-like.” She loved the idea of having cedar in her closets as well as still getting backing for that unique look. Her new closets look fabulous and she shows them off to all of her friends.

There are so many reasons to get backing. If you are in doubt about adding backing to any closet, do yourself a favor and get it so you can enjoy your personalized closet to the fullest for years to come.

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