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6 Signs Clutter Has Taken Over Your Home

cluttered room

It’s safe to say that a clean and organized home is fantastic. One of the biggest elements preventing a clean and organized home is clutter. Whether you have a hoarding problem or are just too lazy to dispose of your clutter, it’s critical to get on top of it. With that said, it’s easy to say you need to get rid of your clutter and not easy to know when it’s time to declutter. Here are six signs clutter has taken over your home. 

You can’t find things easily

We’ve all been in situations where we spend a lot of time trying to find basic things like our keys, phone, or wallet. This might happen because they fell into an unusual spot of your home. The more likely scenario is that it’s hard to see what you are looking for amidst your clutter. 

woman frustrated with home

You are embarrassed to invite people over

A messy home is one thing. You can spend some time cleaning to get your home ready for guests. When it gets to the point you are too embarrassed to invite people over, you know deep down that your home is more than just messy. 

Cabinets, drawers, and closets are overstuffed

It should never take effort to close cabinets, drawers, and closet doors. When these areas are overstuffed, you lose functionality. What’s even worse is that you fool yourself into thinking your home isn’t that cluttered because they help “hide” the excess stuff.

messy room

You step on things often

You shouldn’t walk in your house as if there was lava on the ground. Even if you have kids who have a lot of toys, having floor space is critical to an organized home. When there is always stuff on the floor, it usually means that there isn’t a place to put everything. Not having a place for everything is usually the result of having too much clutter. 

Your car no longer fits in your garage

Garages are designed to store a lot of items including at least one car. The issue a lot of people have is that the garage is their go-to spot to store junk. Even if you don’t want to park your car in your garage, a functional garage is critical for an organized home.

frustrated with mess

You don’t know where to start decluttering

Decluttering isn’t the most exciting activity, but if you don’t even know where to begin, you have a significant clutter problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you make progress. 

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