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Organizing Men’s Accessories

While men generally have fewer accessories in their wardrobe than women, they can still benefit from proper organization just as greatly!


Ties are a great place to start as they can vary greatly, from color and design to shape and size. As such, organizing your ties can be a boon for your daily routine. Your organization method can and should depend on how you wear them and the types of outfits you wear them with, but one thing should be true regardless: the system you use should make it easy to identify the tie you’re looking for, and it should be easy to get to.

A split closet between a man and womanNow, there are a number of ways to keep your ties organized, and it’s really up to your discretion what you decide on. Tie hangers are a great option if you’re space conscious, as they allow you to store them relatively flat and vertically. It also allows you to see the full shape and size of each of your ties, which is important if you have the range from skinny to broad. Hanging your ties offers fewer benefits if you wear bowties, which don’t demonstrate their shape and size as well when hung.

The other good option for ties is in a segmented drawer. Transparent dividers make for an excellent system when used in a wide, deep, and shallow drawer. Ties can be rolled up and stored upright to display their pattern, or on their side to show their size while still demonstrating their color well. Bow ties store well in a drawer with dividers as you can see their shape much better than hanging.


Belts are, like ties, able to be stored either hanging or in a divided drawer, though the length of your belts are not as relevant as the length of your ties. Softer belts can be easily stored rolled and stored in a divider, while firmer belts should be kept hanging so as not to damage them. If you’re fond of buckles, those can be stored separately in a drawer, allowing you to easily mix and match your belts and buckles each time. Keep in mind that leather belts will hold the shape of how they’re stored, so belts that aren’t broken in should be stored appropriately


Watches should be stored on a display of some kind, either on a counter top, in a hidden sliding compartment. Organized by bracelet, face, metal, digital and analog, or any other way you find best to organize your watches. They key is that they’re accessible and viewable easily. Watch display stands come discretely or integrated into your custom closet, and you can even combine multiple styles. You can have your favorite watch or two on your counter top, easy to grab and on full display, while your occasional wear watches rest safely in a drawer or sliding compartment.


Some accessory storage optionsLet’s talk about lighting. In order to keep your accessories organized, you need to be able to see them in your closet. While you can rely exclusively on room lighting to keep your closet illuminated, chances are a ceiling or wall light will cast shadows in your closet, making it more difficult to identify textures, patterns, and colors in your accessories.

We recommend having strip lighting or directional lighting installed in your closet in key places. Strip lights are excellent to install inside of drawers to illuminate the contents as you pull them out, or along the bottoms of upper surfaces like a vanity or suit cabinet. Directional lights, especially adjustable recessed or track lights, are great for areas where you want to look at something from multiple angles. Open spaces you plan on using to dress, such as vanities or countertops, are great places for directional lights which can be aimed at a central point, or even at the place you stand when you dress. Imagine how much easier putting together your outfit would be if you could see perfectly how that tie goes with that shirt and jacket, or how that watch glitters next to your cuff links!

Custom Organization

When it comes to accessory organization, you can take your existing closet and add organization aides like hooks and hangers, but the best option will always be a fully custom closet, built to your needs and desires. Our expert designers will work with you to create the ideal closet for you, with all of your accessories just where you need them, just how you need them. If you’re ready to see what a custom closet can do for you, schedule a free no-obligation design appointment with one of our expert designers today!