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Here in our custom closet video gallery you can experience the best features of closet organizers in more detail.

We’ve produced a host of segments that will help you understand the unique ways a custom closet or other room organizer solves your storage and organizational needs. Many of our most popular accessories are now demonstrated and highlighted on video. Watch the videos that interest you the most and then sign up for a free appointment by clicking the button below when you’re ready. It’s never been easier to find the custom closet solution you need.

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My Custom Closet: Life Made Easier

Style and sewing blogger Merrick White from describes her experience with Closet Factory and how easy the planning of her custom closet design was.


Modern Commercial Workspace : A Skyline Office (360° VR Office Tour)

Modern Office. Experience what it's like to be inside a Closet Factory designed home office in this full 360° VR video.

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Wine & Pantry: Rustic Sophistication (360° VR Pantry Tour)

Pantry Organization. Experience what it's like to be inside a Closet Factory designed Wine & Pantry room in this full 360° VR video.

Walk-in Closet Chic (360° VR Closet Tour)

Experience what it's like to be inside a Closet Factory designed closet in this large walk-in closet featuring thick panels, flipper doors and plenty of drawer space.

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Finesse: The New Modern Closet (360° VR Closet Tour)

Experience what it's like to be inside a Closet Factory designed closet in this Finesse two tone wood grain melamine closet featuring floated tray shelves, wall mounted racks for accessory organization and multiple counters.

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A His and Hers Sanctuary (360° VR Closet Tour)

Experience what it's like to be inside a Closet Factory designed closet in this attractive modern his and hers Finesse walk-in closet. Unique to this floated closet system is the slanted shelving and glass. Beautiful faux marble counters also create dramatic lines on both walls.

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You Are Unique

Whether your in need of a new home office, laundry room, or kids room, we can create a custom design that not only fills your needs, but also matches your style and home decor.

Client Stories: Liz Mitchell

Liz experiences her new Closet Factory custom closet for the first time in her newly purchased home. Engaged and faced with a small closet she contacted Closet Factory to create a personalized closet design for two.

Client Stories: Mary Alice Stephenson

Mary Alice Stephenson is a highly regarded and well-versed commentator covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty, but even she needs a custom closet to help with organization.

Client Stories: Jill Zarin

While juggling a career and raising a family, a woman's closet can be the first thing to get neglected. Without proper organization, even closets of women like Real Housewife Jill Zarin run the risk of becoming a mess.

Before & After: Custom Closet Makeover, Daniella Monet

Nickelodeon actress Daniella Monet had her clothes and shoes strewn around the house in four different closets! See how she decided to take charge and call Closet Factory to get organized.

How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?

We get asked this all the time. The truth is, YOU are in control of the price. Closet Factory will first get you organized with a perfect space plan designed around your specific needs. From there, you decide the look and the price of your custom closet.

Top 3 Must-Have Accessories for Closets

Closet organizers get supercharged by adding valet rods, belt racks and tie racks. These popular Closet Factory accessories have many great uses in reach-in and walk-in closets. We offer them in six different finishes to coordinate with the hanging rods.

Sliding Tie Rack

This versatile tie rack is great for tie storage as well as other items such as ladies necklaces.

Sliding Belt Rack

Sliding belt racks provide easy access and storage for all your belts; they’re great for scarves and necklaces, too.

Pant Rack

Pant racks are great closet accessory for pants, shawls or scarves–even tablecloths. They help keep difficult-to-store items neat and wrinkle free plus they are available in a variety of finishes such as brushed chrome, bronze and nickel.

Valet Rods

A valet rod has multiple uses within a custom closet. Valet rods enhance closet organization by providing a place to hang tomorrow’s outfit, dry cleaning and more. They can be used in other areas such as laundry rooms to keep you organized.

Drawer Options

Drawers come in many sizes and styles for the custom closet. Whether you’re storing sweaters, lingerie or you plan to use a drawer as a hamper, well make certain the drawers are the perfect for your needs. Drawer styles range from flat melamine to framed drawer fronts with matte Lucite inserts and much more.

Custom Jewelry Drawers

Jewelry drawers add a convenient dimension to the custom closet. Available as both a single insert and double decker, jewelry organizers are custom made to store jewelry, sunglasses, keys and other small personal belongings.

Laundry Bags

Closet Factory offers pullout laundry bags and tip-out hamper drawers. Nylon laundry bags are carried back and forth to the laundry room. Your closet can have one or many depending on your needs.

Interchangeable Options

Closet Factory’s closet organizers includes a 32 mm system that can be customized so that you can reconfigure your shelves and hanging rods at any time. Our closets are not just beautiful but functional as well.

Closet Shelves

Adjustable closet shelves keep shoes, handbags and folded clothes neat. Pullout shelves and pullout trays help you find items in the back of the shelves and get dressed easier. Shelving options help you maximize your closet space. We offer many types of closet shelves for you to select from. Rolled, folded or flat… we have a solution!

Adjustable Closet Systems

One of the most important features of our custom closet systems is the adjustable hanging rods and shelves that can be easily moved up and down. Easily change the entire closet as your needs change.

Shoe Storage Options

Shoe storage is an important part of every custom closet. Our closet systems offer many types of shoe shelves including slanted, shoe cubbies and flat adjustable shelves for shoe organization.

Custom Closet Knobs and Handles

Upgrading hardware is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to completely change the look of your custom closet. Closet factory offers a wide variety of stylish knobs and handles to choose from. Watch to learn more.

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