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Video By: Lori Newman
Location: Fort Lauderdale

Closet Factory Review – Valerie


Hi, I’m Valerie Sue Del Real, I’m a business owner, and I’m a very busy person. I’m on projects out of the office but I also have a home office, so I needed something that was very workable for what I do.

So, I just moved here about six months ago, so I contacted the Closet Factory in Ft. Lauderdale and spoke to designer Lori Newman, who came out to my home and sat with me and laid out a really nice configuration that would benefit what I need to do.

And I had two work stations done. My husband also uses the office with me.

But the things that I needed was: easy to get around, a lot of filing space and storage space because I do a lot of projects and I have to keep my records for a long period of time.

But I wanted something with a lot of storage but that hit everything. As you can see, they did a fabulous job. It’s very decorative and nice-looking with the shelving, but behind these doors there’s a lot of paper.

So, it really helped make my life a lot easier, and when I am working from home, I come into my office; she was great about listening to the needs that I had, and was able to sit with me on her computer and do configurations, we switched some things around, and it was a very easy process.

She was very easy to work with, and at the end of the day I am so happy with what I did. It was worth every penny that I spent, and I’m looking forward to them doing some other things in our home as well.

So, do yourself a favor and give them a call.”

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