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Video By: Jacqueline Lewis
Location: Denver

Closet Factory Review – Stephanie

Stephanie Beninati and her husband bought their dream house. The only problem was that it was built in 1958 and lacked proper closet space and organization. Stephanie had no idea that a company like Closet Factory could come in and install a system that would help her get organized. During a social call, designer Jacqueline Lewis told her she could help and within a few weeks she had her dream closet- beautiful, functional and affordable!


“Hi. My name is Stephanie Beninati and I’m here to tell you a little bit about my experience with Closet Factory.

Quite honestly, I had no idea that a company like this actually existed. And if I did think about them existing, I thought maybe only for the most wealthiest people could afford something like this.

My husband and I purchased our dream home in 2004 and although it was pretty much refurbished, for the most part, it was built in 1958 so the closets are teeny weenie.

And I basically took up all the closets in all three of the bedrooms. And my husband was basically banished to the basement to get his clothes.

So, Jacqueline Lewis, who is a friend of mine, came over one day and was looking at my clothes on the floor, and my shoes, and said, “You know, I can help you with this.”

And I said, “Well, Jacqueline, you know, that’s for rich people. I can’t afford something like that.”

And she did some workup. This was based on the wood; the beautiful dark merlot wood that I wanted. The style that I wanted. Everything that I wanted.

And the price was so reasonable that when I actually added up all the money I spent on shoes, things at Target that you put your shoes on, and all these makeshift things that you get at Home Depot over the years, I could have paid for these closets three times over.

The price was so reasonable. The timeframe was on my time. They came in, they were clean, they were efficient, and what I was most impressed with was the aftercare.

Because I had too many clothes, I needed a little bit of a readjustment on something. And, boom, they were out there taking care of my needs. So, the aftercare is really one of the most impressive things.

So, you don’t have to be a millionaire, but if you want closets you definitely should go to Closet Factory. See Mark and Polly and Jacqueline over there, and tell them Stephanie Beninati said hi.”

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