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Video By: Elly Thorson
Location: Minneapolis

Closet Factory Review – Sharon

Sharon Mason attended a Home Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center where she met Closet Factory Designer Elly Thorson. She explained her desire to transform a room in her lower level as a multifunctional craft, sewing, storage, and guest room with a wallbed. Organization and a beautiful look to the space were equally important.


Elly: I’m Elly, a designer with Closet Factory in Minneapolis, and I’m here with Sharon who I met at a home show.

And she was looking for a way to turn a basement room into a space for guests and sewing, crafting, and lots of storage.

Sharon, why don’t you tell us about your experience with Closet Factory Minneapolis?

Sharon: My experience with Closet Factory was fabulous. It was excellent from beginning to end.

I had initially met Elly and just given her a brief overview of what I would like to do in this room. She understood everything I was trying to do.

She was patient with me as we went through one design or another. We sat on the floor for hours and measured out things; went through every detail.

And the result was wonderful. At one point, Elly had even asked if we could incorporate both this room that you see, and then there’s a room in front of us that is a sewing room.

And I said, sure, why not, let’s give it a try.

Elly came up with a spectacular design and it has worked out perfectly.

Everything from designing the room; the installation was fabulous. The installation team; I just can’t even say how much I think they are talent.

Everything went great and the result is exactly what I wanted. I wanted a room where I could welcome guests, where I could work, where I could sew, and where I could just store things behind cabinet doors, and it has been fabulous.

I have loved this room. It is my favorite in the house. And I thank you very much, Elly.

Elly: Thank you, Sharon.

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