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Video By: Jacqueline Lewis
Location: Denver

Closet Factory Review – Sandy and Stan

This couple moved from an old English Tudor home with closets that were basically nonexistent to a high rise condo in Denver that had closet space but lacked organization. Closet Factory designer Jacqueline Lewis not only created a design to optimize the space in the closets, but also made sure they were installed before Sandy and Stan moved in, giving them space to put things away immediately upon moving in.


Sandy: Hello. We’re Sandy and Stan from Denver, Colorado. And we were referred to the Closet Factory by the sales team in One Lincoln Park, which is our new home.

And it’s a high-rise condo, and we moved out of a very small English Tudor where the closets were extremely; just almost nonexistent. So, we wanted to get something where we could actually have walk-in, have space.

And Jacqueline Lewis, who was our rep, came over a couple of times and measured all of our space, especially for shoes. I have a lot of tall hanging things and she made space for that, which worked out great.

Stan: She gave us great advice on how much we’d store in what amount of space and it all worked out.

Sandy: Yep. So, when we moved and we had tons of boxes, and as you know, moving can be very stressful and Jacqueline really moved up the schedule to make sure the closet was in and she gave us an excellent suggestion of redoing, or doing, the second closet, because we weren’t going to do that.

But we are so glad we did, because it gave us all this extra shelving. Again, places for shoes, containers where we could put them up on the shelves.

And having these closets is great. We have a laundry basket that we can now, kind of his and hers, because we had no room for a laundry bin. And she suggested doing that, where we pull it out for our dirty clothes. And that’s great.

And, in fact, we can walk in and see everything. And having drawers in a closet is a real plus.

Stan: We really like the quality of the workmanship and the materials and the space layout is just perfect.

Sandy: So, if anyone is thinking of ever redoing their closets, I highly recommend the Closet Factory. They did everything in a timely manner and did a great job for us.

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