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Video By: Sherrin Holder
Location: Hampton Roads

Closet Factory Review – Reverie

Video 1 of two videos by Reverie and Rick Rowlett. Reverie’s closet is a small walk-in that originally had wire hanging and a lot of wasted space. Here she shows and tells what she loves about her new Closet Factory closet, and how it has made getting dressed in the mornings so much easier and fun!


“Hi. My name is Reverie Rowlett and I have a brand-new closet courtesy of Closet Factory in Virginia Beach.

When we went to the home show last year, we saw a lot of the Closet Factory installs, and I got so excited about it because I have really disliked this closet every since we got into this house.

And the person that they sent me was Sherrin Holder, and I was very excited to meet her  because she had some really good ideas about what we would do in our closet.

Basically, this was a standard wire rack all the way around. I hated the wire racks because things fell through them.

And so what we installed here were beautiful cupboards that have the shelves inside of them. The cupboards actually were a secondary addition. After I had lived with it for awhile, I called Sherrin and said, “I think I want cupboard doors.” And she made that happen.

But I love the way they adapted to this very odd thing down here, which is actually part of our chimney. And so they were able to build right up on top of it.

None of the premade pieces fit this. It would have been impossible to do.

I love the styling. We have a lot of chair railing and ceiling railing in the house, and they were able to duplicate that.

I actually lose about three inches of hanging space, but this is arranged so much better that I feel like I’ve got a lot more space.

And it turned the closet from a closet into a dressing area. I can actually come in here and get dressed and put my shoes on and whatever else I’m gonna do.

And I really like that, because I used to hate having to come in here and then drag my clothes out and decide what I was gonna wear.

It also gave me the opportunity to put new lightware in here, which I really, really, really like. And I love the way the light kind of accents all the wood. And so everything is very beautiful and very pulled together.

We also did the closet for my husband and we’re gonna go take a look at that now.”

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