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Video By: Jacqueline Lewis
Location: Denver

Closet Factory Review – Paul B.

After converting a bedroom to a closet for his wife several years ago, Paul Boyd once again called upon Closet Factory to get his laundry room organized and to build out an outdated bathroom. The end results are stunning!


“Hi, my name’s Paul Boyd and today I wish my wife was here, because I’m standing in her bathroom which we just recently revamped, remodeled, and we used Closet Factory.

Now, Closet Factory is not typically known as being the company that does bathroom remodel, but let me tell you how that all happened.

About nine years ago, just around the corner here is what used to be a master bedroom that some of our children stayed in over the years.

Now that they’re gone, my wife said she always wanted to have a master closet of her own.

So, we had Closet Factory out, this was about seven to eight years ago, and they did an entire remodel, if you will, of a bedroom into a master closet. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Downstairs, about six months ago, we had a laundry room that had really bad shelving and spacing in it and we just thought, you know what, we’d used Closet Factory a number of years ago, we should call them up, which we did.

They came out; Jacqueline came out, looked at our laundry/bath in the downstairs, and designed some beautiful cabinets which they did come out and put in.

But at the same time, we had Jacqueline take a look at this bathroom.

And so she came up with some great ideas, did some designs right on the premises, then she went away for a couple of days, came back, showed us the full design, and we said, “Yep, let’s go for it and do it.”

And so here’s our beautiful bathroom. And the beauty of it all is my wife is thrilled to have it. She’s happier, and therefore if she’s happier, I’m happier.

We’ve had Closet Factory work with us now two times and we certainly would have them come back and do it again, and we have referred them to some of our friends as well.

So, thanks Closet Factory!”

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