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Location: Orlando

Closet Factory Review – Orlando Home Show January 2012

Clients love our garage and closet display!


Man: Here we are at the January home show at the Orlando Convention Center.

Bonnie: Hi. This is nice.

Man: Hey, hi. What’s your name?

Bonnie: Bonnie.

Man: Bonnie, how are you?

Bonnie: I’m good. How are you?

Man: Good. Welcome to the home show.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Man: What do you think of our display?

Bonnie: I really like it.

Man: That’s our high-end garage system.

Bonnie: Very, very nice.

Man: Thanks.

Bonnie: This is nice.

Man: Yeah. Those are for your tools. You can keep some tools in there or parts or anything you might need.

Bonnie: My husband would love this.

Man: Great. Well, we can get one built just for you.

Bonnie: And it’s got the self-closing glides. Very nice.

Man: Well, thank you.

Bonnie: And I love this light here. This is cool; awesome.

Man: You can do gift-wrapping there. Like a gift-wrapping station.

Bonnie: This is nice.

Man: And there’s something for you. There’s a closet.

Bonnie: Yeah. And then you have the wood door and drawer fronts.

Man: Yeah. We do stained wood as well.

Bonnie: Is that for a jewelry insert?

Man: Well, I’ll tell you what, Bonnie. Why don’t I put this phone down and we need to talk about doing some business.

Bonnie: OK. Sounds good.

Man: All right. Thanks.

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