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Video By: Carl Alsbach
Location: St. Louis Metro

Closet Factory Review – Mike H.

Mike had the pleasure of working with Carl multiple times, having completed 3 projects so far with us. His first project was the master bedroom closet and it was installed he and his wife became true believers in how great custom storage is. They then decided to complete the pantry and a coat/guest closet with us. Enjoy the fantastic testimonial!


“Hi, my name is Mike Hanna. We’ve just completed our third; I guess I’ll call it three projects with the Closet Factory.

The first project was our upstairs master closet, and I’ve got to say it has literally changed my life, I know.

Not tripping over the mound of shoes and stuff in the way.

But the closet turned out great. It has helped with organization, just cleanliness of the room in general.

We actually have places to put our clothes away and it’s just well-organized, well done. Carl did a great design as far as the shoe wall for my wife.

And I was concerned about my little area, but I ended up with twice the storage, so the master bedroom was great and today they just completed our pantry closet downstairs and our coat closet for guest closets.

I’m excited that now, not only can I find my favorite pair of blue underwear, I can find my bag of potato chips that I want to eat.

So, we’re excited. Thanks, Closet Factory.”

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