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Video By: Sue Breitrose
Location: Los Angeles

Closet Factory Review – Mike – Dream Bathroom

Bathroom wall had to accommodate his and hi wife’s toiletries and give each of them enough room to be at separate wash stands at the same time. It must also be beautiful so they could enjoy using it.


“OK. Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m here with Sue from the Closet Factory.

And I wanted to tell you what a great job the Closet factory and Sue did in helping us put together our dream bathroom.

We wanted something big enough for two people to have completely their own space, and we wanted sort of a contemporary but warm look.

And Sue was great in helping us both design a nice layout that had plenty of space, and give us a terrific look with these tall, vertical column cabinets on the end that really work out well to give us a lot of space and they architecturally just look wonderful.

Everything works well. The Closet Factory was terrific about installing things. Anything that needed tweaking or fixing, they came back even a couple of months later to just make sure it was all right.

And Sue has followed up with us steadily over time to make sure everything came out great. We couldn’t be happier.”

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