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Closet Factory Reviews

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Video By: Lori Newman
Location: Fort Lauderdale

Closet Factory Review – Laurie K.

Growing with a closet.


“My name Laurie Kelleher and I called the Closet Factory of Ft. Lauderdale about five years ago.

Our daughter was nine years old and she was messy. Everywhere she went, she created a little mess, and it was most prevalent in the closet.

So, I called and my designer Lori Newman came out and helped me to realize that the closet that she was trying to work with wasn’t built for her.

The shelves were too high. The rail was too high.

And so she helped me create something that had drawers in it that she could reach and shelves where her shoes could go that she could reach and bars that would accommodate her short stature at the time.

Now, five years later, she’s turning 15 and she still has a beautiful product; beautiful closet, where she still is able to keep her things organized.

Now she’s able to reach the higher shelves and the higher bars but it’s still good for her today.

So, it was a great decision to call the Closet Factory of Ft. Lauderdale. I can’t tell you how wonderful the product is and how we’ve grown into it.

And I think ultimately it will be great for resale as well.”

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