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Video By: Sue Breitrose
Location: Los Angeles

Closet Factory Review – Jill

The challenge was to build a home office with bookshelves, space for the tv, components, files, and office storage without taking up too much room. It had to be beautiful and match the overall theme of the area.


“Hi. I’m Jill McCune and I live in Culver City and Sue Breitrose helped us design and install a custom wall unit in our family room.

We were remodeling our family room, and we needed to get rid of a very ugly desk, and she helped create a beautiful piece which is really the centerpiece of our family room.

It hides all of our computer components and makes a nice, sleek, lovely look.

I have plenty of drawer space, file space, cabinet space for everything we wanted.

We wanted to also incorporate our television area and the audio-visual components and everything’s hidden and lovely.

She helped, or convinced us, I should say, not to enclose the TV, which we think is a perfect idea, as it would have probably overpowered the room.

The design and everything is exactly perfect for us. It left our room feeling open and airy, yet it was functionally perfect, and we love the way the front and everything was designed.

This whole, I think it’s called Shaker, and we selected a nice countertop that fit with the room.

And we spend a lot of time looking this way, because our TV’s this way. So, I have to say we have enjoyed the wall unit a lot.

We get lots of compliments from our friends and family. It’s been perfect for the room. It’s perfect for us to use, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

So, thank you, Sue, and thank you, Closet Factory.

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